Follow Coin

What is Follow Coin?

Follow Coin is a company designed to help you never miss out on a cryptocurrency again. You’ll be able to follow the best investors with the highest results and trade exactly how they do. They use a specialized copy trade feature to ensure you trade exactly like the best performing individuals in the cryptocurrency space.

How Does Follow Coin Work?

You’ll never have to miss out on any cryptocurrency breakthroughs again. Apparently, there are more than 1200 crypto currencies to choose from. But which one will provide the best investment? It’s hard to know if you’re not up to date or new to the game. But apparently, with Follow Coin you can follow the people who have been in the game since the beginning of Bitcoin.

You’ll be able to follow the best influencers by using scorecards and then check them against different portfolios and market changes. Along with that, follow the best performing investors and learn how they operate in the cryptocurrency space. You can then trade just like they do with the innovative copy, trade feature. It will give you the ability to trade exactly like they do.

What is the ICO of Follow Coin?

The opening pre-token sale’s first round took place on July 9th of 2017. They raised more than $220,000 on round 1 and the pre-sale was closed on July 18th. On July 22 the development of the application began. August 23rd the second-round pre-sale started and on the 30th of the same month they sold out completely. September 29th of 2017 they released their first mobile app for store submission. And on October 12th, the app was officially released in the android app play store.

The following day, Follow Coin was released on the iOS app store. Then, the 27th of October they opened the Tokens for public sales. And now they are integrated fully with Civic.

Follow Coin Conclusion

The platform is designed to make cryptocurrencies available for use by everyone. When using the platform, you’ll be able to learn from the best, most experienced influencers who can in turn make you a much better trader. They truly seem to want to make cryptocurrency accessible and understandable for everyone.

Their goal is to help dissolve the barriers that are holding most people back from making investments in the space. They want to also provide tools and services that make it easier for people to interact with each other and to simplify the way people trade and handle cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It can be intimidating if you’re new to the cryptocurrency space. It’s hard to understand which coin is the best to invest into. Not only that, but you need to know where to buy the coins from and which coin to buy in the first place. This is especially true for new traders and is a true challenge for those looking to invest into cryptocurrency. The learning curve can be extremely hard and steep.

That’s why Follow Coin can connect inexperienced newbies with the top investing influencers who already understand cryptocurrency. The company may bridge the gap for regular people who have no idea how to get started with cryptocurrency. It’s one of the most innovative ideas seen to date in the space.


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