Fomo3D Ethereum Blockchain Gambling Game Launches On

It has been recently revealed that a decentralized gambling game, based off of the Ethereum blockchain is currently in the process of being launched. This is a suitable game for those who prefer DApps and want to have some fun with crypto, as the current market is taking its time to make its way back up to where it used to be. So, what does the game entail and what does it mean for users?

The purpose of Fomo3D involves a last person who successfully purchases a “key” prior to the end of the contract time. If he or she does complete the mentioned task, then they will be rewarded with an Ethereum Jackpot, consisting of 1,400 ETH. In addition, when an individual purchases a new key, the contract time will be stretched by an additional 30 seconds and will be re-evaluated on a 24-hour timespan.

As per the main website, the game has been split into two games to ensure that gamers have versatile “experiences, volumes and scales of jackpot”. It has been announced that the Long will be the first to launch followed by the Quick.

In terms of taking part in the game itself, users also have the option of joining teams, namely, sneks, bulls, polar bears and whales, which was done to make things more interesting.

An advantage of the game is that users are not required to create and account, as the exchange of purchased keys suffices. More specifically, each key has a total value of approximately USD$0.57.

The Fomo3D shared a comment, which suggests the following:

“Please be aware that Team JUST has not released the short version of Fomo3D yet. Known criminals are attempting to claim otherwise in phishing scams that steal ETH. Please help us protect the community.”

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