When consumers think of cryptocurrency, their main concern appears to be investing the right amount of fiat currency at the right time to make a difference. Every project has its own requirements and values assigned but diving into this world requires understanding of the company that the user supports. Rather than putting in thousands of dollars to an exchange that has barely broken into the crypto world, consumers can find a unique service with the use of Foodimus.

What Is Foodimus?

Much of the purpose and information about Foodimus is vague, though there is somehow a connection between posting recipes and purchasing tokens. Essentially, the company looks like it is a new way to break into cryptocurrency, which happens to include an AI that is only being used for recipes and searching for “food inspiration” at this time.

Read on below to learn more about the tokens, and what will be available with this company.

Foodimus FDM ICO Details

The pre-sale and the public sale of the FDM will not be going on until March 2018 (according to the roadmap from Foodimus), but consumers only have to wait a little longer to get in on the action. During the sale, consumers will have a finite number of tokens to collect, and each section of the supply will come with the following bonuses:

  • 15% bonus, for investors that claim part of the first 600,000 tokens
  • 10% bonus, for investors that claim part of the next 1,200,000 tokens
  • 5% bonus, for investors that claim part of the next 1,800,000 tokens

For 1 ETH, the user will exchange 2500 FDM, though the actual amount in USD or another fiat currency is unavailable. There is a soft cap of 250 ETH (625,000 FDM), and a hard cap of 4000 ETH (10,000,000).

Unlike other brands, these tokens will still be tradable when the token sale is over. However, there is no indication of whether the tokens can be purchased at that time.

How Foodimus AI Food Inspiration & Recipe Tagging App Works

The Foodimus System only thrives with user interaction. The first stage is for the user to find, share, and store their recipes, along with the foods that inspire them. During this time, the consumer will need to tag the ingredients that they use.

Once the user tags their information, other participants in the program will be able to look for their desired food inspiration. The user can go through the different cuisines, courses, flavors, and other preferences to find a recipe that meets their needs. The AI part of the system will learn through that, though consumers basically involve themselves in the interface with their own recipes to make it more comprehensive.

Even with this platform, it is unclear how the website will integrate the cryptocurrency with the recipe-sharing functions.

Roadmap For Foodimus

The roadmap with Foodimus helps consumers to understand where the company is in their progress, which helps some contributors to feel more confident in the investment. Read on below for the public timeline indicated on the official website.

  • November 2016: The Foodimus project was established.
  • February 2017: Foodimus created the mobile platform for users.
  • February 2018: The beta version becomes available on the iOS platform.
  • March 2018: The token sale begins.
  • June 2018: The AI integration is finally introduced.
  • July 2018: A public beta becomes available for Android as well.
  • October 2018: The Foodimus web version is launched.

Once the final stage of the roadmap gets closer, consumers may want to keep an eye on the website for new updates.

Contacting Foodimus

Even though the website provides enough information for the average consumer to make a decision, there will probably be other questions. The customer service team can be reached electronically by submitting a question with the online form at

Foodimus Summary

Foodimus does not have much information, but consumers will get a better understanding by participation when the pre-sale is finally available. There is a lot left to learn about this brand, but they also have a presence on social media that will help participants to feel more involved.

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