The success of any economic stability often depends on the liquidity of the currencies operating their boundaries. While the fiat currencies do provide for small transactions blockchain technology is proving to offer far beyond small transactions. However, the cryptocurrency technology often faces criticism when it comes to stability and its volatility.

Fortunately, various approaches are already in place to account for the varying behavior of volatility we often see with cryptocurrency. As we will get to see with the next digital currency the most popular approaches to modeling volatility might have been simpler than we actually thought.

What Is FOOOZ?

FOOOZ Coin aims to initiate the first stable coin within the cryptocurrency world which will work to introduce a new mechanism for controlling the rise and fall of token prices. The ERC20 token will work on a business model of decentralized approach to eliminate the coin volatility. Additionally, to steady the increase the value the coin will have a depositing system from mining coins through a public wallet and control the amount released to the market.

FOOOZ Collateral Asset-Backed Cryptocurrency Advantages

The FOOOZ token assets offer a diversified investment portfolio that will bring profit to the single currency. Additionally, FOOOZ offers other unique advantages over its growth investing. Here are the leading reasons that make it stand out.

  • Reinvesting strategy-all of the first erupted coins go into a reinvestment system into more mining operations which increase the hashing power of the eruption.
  • Volatility solution-FOOOZ will solve cryptocurrency volatility by having a provision of an endless stream of the erupted coins deposition through the 5 mining farms financed through the ICO.
  • Profitable returns-with the continuous bonus distribution the investors will have a regular basis that will encourage the demand for the coin within the market.

FOOOZ Token ICO Details

The ICO is set to start on March 31st and will run for a 60-day period on the FOOOZ cryptocurrency and altcoins exchange ltd. The sale is open to the whole public with supply figures indicating 613 million tokens at $ 0.25 per coin. Purchasing options will feature credit cards, BTC, and ETH.

The distribution layout will include:

  • Token holders-75%
  • Founding team-20%
  • Bounties-4%
  • Pre-ICO-1%

How FOOOZ Income Distribution Works

As the first ERC20 tokenizing smart contract on Ethereum, FOOOZ will work on a powerful collateral of resources within a public ledger wallet. Their innovation further incorporates a Proof of Assets (P.OA) that will attach an additional Pre-set after Sale (P.A.S.O) protocol. The FOOOZ coin structure will comprise of the provision of a limited supply with an auto-dispersion mechanism of bonus coins.

All earnings from the FOOOZ operating mining farms will go onto a 1000% distribution system to the token holders who will receive regular earnings. The distribution will comprise of a 25% share for the investors on a regular basis, a 25% of the erupted coins invested as collateral and a remaining 50% from the continuous mining operations.

Is FOOOZ Really Viable?

FOOOZ presents a diversified solution to the overall risk in cryptocurrency that seems to have potential within the coin market. In essence, it is a borderline fixed income model for the crypto world enthusiasts. Their investment model seems stable than the typical equity holdings we have and if they are true it could increase the demand for the token.


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