The many diverse applications of blockchain has surprised even experts in the industry.

One such surprising development where the power of blockchain is utilized in a completely new industry is the ‘Forever Has Fallen’ game. This is a transmedia game that has both an online and offline economy where the Forever Coin utility coins are used to necessitate transactions.

Forever Has Fallen may be a game, but it is underpinned by a business model that is proven to generate multiple channels of revenue including Bitcoin and FIAT currencies.

What Exactly is Forever Has Fallen

To frame it in a way that is easy to understand, Forever Has Fallen is a new form of global entertainment that combines a storytelling blockbuster with a transmedia game to run on a blockchain backbone.

The game allows players to immerse themselves in a gaming world, hunting for the truth behind the destruction of a new billion dollar startup and who is responsible for a brutal murder. The best part about the game is that players earn digital immortality generated via Forever Social.

In the game, tech genius and investor Karl-Alex Mattiasson is on the run from vengeful investors and the authorities and the players are tasked to help him find the truth about what happened that caused the collapse of his startup and who murdered his partner. Players help Karl-Alex solve these mysteries and in exchange they are rewarded with Forever Coins.

The Forever Has Fallen Team

Based on third-party reviews on BitcoinTalk, the team behind the Forever Has Fallen project is a thing of beauty. The members that created the blockchain game have global expertise in commercialization of blockchain products, they have experts in transmedia storytelling, and professional game developers. Perhaps the winning advantage is that the team has a track record of enforcing the discipline required to make such a unique blockchain idea a success.

The business model and strategy of the company behind Forever Has Fallen is proven to be globally competitive, fully scalable, and very compatible with modern blockchain business requirements. The company hopes to create a global community of dedicated players who use the Forever Coin to make online and offline purchases, to fuel the game economy, and impress those who come across the game the first time.

Game Economy & The Forever Coin

Smart blockchain contracts are used to enhance the Forever Has Fallen gameplay – to provide verifiable completion of challenges that leads to the rewarding of the player, thanks to the immutable decentralized game ledger. The game has an economy soft cap of 2,800 coins and a hard cap of 35,000 ETH.

This revolutionary application of the Blockchain technology to tell a story, and in the process involved the game universe in generating and sustaining an economy, is an impressive fete. Whether you are a gaming only enthusiast or have interest in the blockchain technology, the Forever Has Fallen game is a great chance to combine different passions and get rewarded with valuable coins in the process.

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