ForgeCDN is a content delivery network with a blockchain-based payment system that uses artificial intelligence (AI). This product launched its early version in January 2018 and it will enter Beta in July. Even without being the final release, the company states that the product is working as expected.

As the internet traffic constantly grows every year, the hardware infrastructure of the web has to accompany it or it will lag behind. Unfortunately, it is also a fact that the hardware is not evolving fast enough and that is why companies like ForgeCDN can be part of the solution.

Most of the traditional content delivery nodes are in the Western and Northern hemisphere. This makes the access of Latin America, Africa and Asia considerably more expensive than it is for highly developed countries.

To avoid this kind of problem, many companies are starting to use services of content delivery networks to send content to these regions, which are great consumers of content, faster. This was a 7 billion dollar market in 2017 and it can become a 30 billion dollars one in 2020.

The ForgeCDN Solution

ForgeCDN’s solution to this problem is considerably simple: the company intends to create a network driven by fog computing and AI that will use nodes from people with the aid of the blockchain technology.

The blockchain will allow ForgeCDN to deliver content in all the places of the world because people will be able to use their own computers as nodes in the network and they will get tokens for their work, so everybody will profit from this.

This type of technology has important applications in services like video streaming, social media and e-commerce because they targeting people all around the globe and have to pay a high price for that. By using a service like ForgeCDN a company would be able to save a lot of money.

The company intends to use machine learning algorithms instead of the old-fashioned analytics methods and has additional protection against DDoS attacks. Also, the price per GB would be lower, hitting somewhere like $0.03 USD per GB instead of 0.04-0.20 USD like it normally is. With the help of the ForgeCDN you will be able to diminish your costs, cover distant regions and be more protected.

ForgeCDN Token Sale

The ForgeCDN will use FORGE tokens that you can store in your FORGEwallet. The tokens are based on the Etherum blockchain and you can buy them at the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The company will emit 61,570,000 FORGE tokens. Each 1 ETH buys 1500 FORGE tokens.

The pre-ICO is happening since April 2 and it will continue until April 29. The main ICO will be happening from April 30 to June 2. The soft cap is $1 million USD and the hard cap is $25 million USD.

ForgeCDN Team

This company was founded by the same founders of TeleBreeze Corporation, which has clients in more than 62 countries. The two co-founders are Deim Rumbeshta (CEO) and Nick Pesegov (business and technical advisor).

Other members of the team are Yana Lokotosh, Daria Evstegneeva, Alex Ziganshin, Eugene Golov, Andrey Nikitin, Konstantin Koikov and Alex Kozuyavkin. The team looks certainly young but eager to make a history on their own.

The main partners of ForgeCDN are NT Neotelecom, TeleBreeze, ABTV and Fullipcom.

The ForgeCDN Conclusion

It looks like this company has some potential for growth because it tackles an issue that is currently being overlooked by many important actors in the market. If ForgeCDN really can get half of the success that intends to have, you can certainly consider this company to be a good investment.

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