Formosa Financial

Formosa Financial is looking to provide for advanced API-enabled banking services that are well-suited to work with emerging blockchain-based products. The crypto-based economic platform will hope to create an opportunity for the seamless integration and interoperability between our existing economic ecosystem and blockchain technology.

Formosa's Approach To Financial Services

Formosa Financial plans to develop a next-generation API platform that supports significant blockchain protocols together with the traditional banking products. Therefore, Formosa Financial looks to incorporate the following possible functionalities

Custody And Asset Storage

Formosa Financial seeks to provide ICOs and crypto companies a secure platform for the storage and charge of crypto assets and other financial products. Potential users will have access to advanced cold wallet management services to ensure complete safety

Brokerage Services

The first concept with Formosa Financial is offering a convenient and effective way for crypto projects to convert their virtual funds into fiat. That will be achievable with Formosa Financial's excellent price execution that is available through the liquidity sourcing platform. Trading orders from the users will be sharded and farmed through multiple exchanges to get the best rates.

Risk Assessment And Management

Not all crypto projects are aware of balancing their funds' portfolios, and Formosa Financial will help overcome this challenge through offering portfolio management to protect the ventures form volatility of the crypto markets.

Formosa Financial Blockchain Asset Management Opportunities

Formosa Financial FMF Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Dates- TBA
  • Token- FMF
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Price- 1 ETH= 15,000 FMF
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Token supply- 600,000,000 FMF
  • Hard cap- 40,000 ETH
  • Soft cap- 20,000 ETH

FMF Token Distribution Plan

  • Private sale- 30%
  • Team and advisors- 30%
  • Legal, licensing and compliance- 10%
  • Ecosystem- 15%
  • Platform development- 15%

Outlook On Formosa Financial

Formosa Financial is offering a much-needed service to the cryptocurrency community and judging from the idea and development team; the ICO venture looks bound to make an effort to achieve its goal. Still, issues of regulation and compliance present many challenges for Formosa Financial but it remains wise not to judge this early.

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