Bitcoin is the investment of the year, but an investor needs to have a diverse portfolio if he wants to get the best results when investing. Because of this, you have to watch the cryptocurrency market news closely if you want to find out the best deals of the moment.

With Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) getting more and more popular, it gets harder to decide in which ones you should invest. Even companies that do not use blockchain normally are adopting this new technology, so you have to be always informed if you want more profits. Fortunately, our blog can help you. We review ICOs so you don’t have to research about them yourself.

Today, we are going to review the ICO of a company called Fortitude Ranch.

What Is Fortitude Ranch?

Fortitude Ranch is not a blockchain start-up. Instead, this company is a famous American company specialized in offering services to the survivalist’s community that is having an ICO soon.

This company offers a recreational space for survivalists who want to be a part of a community designed to teach them the best way to deal with many menaces as viral pandemics, marauder threats, and collapse conditions.

Fortitude Ranch was created as a haven for the people that wanted to be prepared to survive any threat that might happen. In the ranch, the users can visit shelters, learn how to fire guns and all of the other skills that they might need in case of an emergency.

This survivalist ranch was created by Dr. Drew Miller, an ex-Pentagon employee that developed this initiative because he was afraid that some foreign attack could harm the security in the United States and people would have to be prepared. Fortitude Ranch became one of the most prosperous and biggest survivalist’s community with time.

How Will Fortitude Ranch’s ICO Work?

Cryptocurrency is already being accepted, within the survivalist’s community, as an alternative to fiat currencies in case, the collapse of the American society happens. Because of this, it seemed like a natural choice that the owners of the company should start accepting this kind of currency.

Fortitude Ranch’s version of the ICO is an Initial MemberCoin Offering (IMO), which is basically an ICO, but one that offers membership in the company in exchange for buying tokens. You can use the Fortitude tokens to pay for the services within the company.

The company insists that cryptocurrency is a good investment now because if you wait for a crisis, the price of the tokens will certainly rise because there will be a major demand for this kind of service, so the most responsible attitude is to buy the tokens as soon as you can.

How To Invest In Fortitude Ranch’s ICO?

To invest in this company, you will have to buy their Fortitude tokens during the main sale. The sale will begin on December 6 until 2018, finishing on January 30. The price per token will be of $100 USD per 1 Fortitude token. You will also be able to pay using Ethereum, in this case, the exchange rates will be equivalent to $100 USD in ETH.

A number of 180,000 Fortitude tokens will be created in total and the ones that are not sold will be destroyed. If the company sells all of their tokens, the sale will end prematurely.

The Fortitude Ranch’s ICO Verdict

Is this the right investment for you? Well, that really depends on a few points that you should consider before buying Fortitude Ranch’s tokens.

These tokens can be valuable assets if you are a survivalist or intend to be in the future. As the company states, if there is, in fact, a crisis someday, you will be able to buy the tokens cheaper now, so they could be a really good investment in your safety if you buy them now.

On the other hand, it does not make much sense to buy the tokens if you simply do not believe in the survivalist’s ideas or you do not think that you will use this service.

Because of this, when you decide if you are going to invest in this company or not, you should be aware of your objectives of using it or not in the near future.

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  1. Contradictory verdict! The demand and therefore the value is expected to rise in the event there is a crisis because ONLY those with tokens can buy in. That makes it a potentially good investment and BTW, all investments are ONLY “potentially” good. There are no guarantees.

    Then you go and contradict yourselves by stating the following:

    “On the other hand, it does not make much sense to buy the tokens if you simply do not believe in the survivalist’s ideas or you do not think that you will use this service.”

    That’s like saying it makes no sense to buy MSFT, Apple or Tesla if you don’t plan on ever using any of their products. Heck at least you get something with these. Bitcoin is a nothing burger. It’s only worth what the next person is willing to pay for it. Outside of that the coins themselves are both worthless and useless as they have no alternate use outside of a medium of exchange.


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