Fortune Maker Biz states that “your success is our goal” but is it? This investment that has appeared on our radar lately offers you a chance to make some money, but several factors have lead us to believe that there is a chance that Fortune Maker might not offer you such a good and honest service. In this review, we discover the truth about Fortune Maker.

What Is Fortune Maker Biz?

Fortune Maker Biz tells you that you will be able to make money by only joining the site and that you will not even have to recruit a single person to start profiting. The product that the company is actually selling is not really clear at all, but it “allows you to have influence over a sales organization”.

The site is somewhat confusing and you have to spend some time to actually manage to understand what they are offering to you because most of what the site is offering is actually buzzwords like “business growth” and “stability”.

After you dig enough, it is clear that this is a site to get money from advertising (and guess what: from recruiting people) and the testimonials state that the company offers whatever they need to make a business. That is basically as accurate information as you will get on the site without joining.

You can join by paying $30 USD to the company via Bitcoin or fiat currency. After that, you will be able to create your account and supposedly to start profiting. The company also states that its creators have more than 80 years of combined experience, that you will get rich, etc. Spoiler alert: this will not end well, which you have probably already guessed.

Is Fortune Maker Biz A Scam?

Yes. And we will explain why in two ways: first talking about how you cannot actually make money this company and later by how the whole is actually fake.

Imagine that you pay $30 USD to enter into a group and there is no actual product to sell. How can you make some money? Recruiting other people, of course, as you will get referrals. This is commonly known as a Ponzi Scheme.

The company only really profits from people joining via affiliate marketing, not from actually selling anything. The whole thing is not more than an elaborate lie.

Also, the company’s site is completely fake. It has the most classic red flag of scam: the combination of “you will get rich” buzzwords with lack of any factual information that you might use. These sites try to fool you, so they want you to only know that they can give you money and nothing else because there is not anything else that they can tell you.

Another relevant point is that the pictures of the owners are fake. Try to google Rebecca Fletcher’s image. This is what you’ll find out. Apparently, Rebecca also works on Nuovo Engineering, SemikshaSoft Services, Agrolex Group, WestShield Group and a company called Charity. Wow, she must be busy, huh? Or maybe she’s just a stock image.

Rebecca Fletcher, as the other members of the group, does not even exist.

The Fortune Maker Biz Conclusion

Do not invest in Fortune Maker Biz. We got to admit that this company has a somewhat attractive site and that it might fool you better than many lame scams that we find every week on our blog, but do not trust Fortune Maker Biz. The only people making a fortune will be the creators of this scam site. Be warned of this.

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