Forzacoin is creating a new decentralized cryptocurrency that you'll have the ability to utilize to make payment for goods and services or to move funds to family and friends, it will work like the way Bitcoin works. However the principal element that will attract investors if their lending platform which claims to be able to give high interest rates of around 2.5% per day.

How Does Forzacoin Work?

Forzacoin is hoping to become the next popular lending platform. They claim to utilize bots that exchange the markets and make gains dependent on the volatility of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in return for giving them money they provide high rates of interest.

The new lending platform will go live when the ICO is complete. Interest from any loans you make will be paid straight to your pocket every day.

They state on their site that they'll provide investors the option of 5 distinct choices:

  • $100-$1,000: Users receive 1.25% interest daily by using their funds returned after 84 days.
  • $1,001-$5,000: Consumers get 1.45% interest daily by using their capital returned after 77 days.
  • $5,001-$10,000: Consumers receive 1.65% interest daily with an extra bonus of 1.25% per week. Capital is returned after 70 days.
  • $10,001-$50,000: Consumers receive 1.95% interest per day using an extra bonus of 1.45 percent per week. Capital is returned after 63 days.
  • $50,001-$200,000: Consumers get 2.25% interest per day with an additional bonus of 1.65 percent per week. Capital is returned after 56 days.

Forzacoin ICO

The ICO has already been running for 5 days with the cost currently set at $0.8 per coin, the price will rise as more coins have been offered. There's just 4 days left until the sale ends, so interested users should take advantage of the company’s offer while they still can.

  • Start Price $0.60-$1.00
  • Presale and ICO discount up to 15%
  • Presale and ICO Supply 5,500,000 FRZ
  • Forzacoin total circulate 24,000,000 FRZ
  • Referral Commission 5% from FRZ bought

Forzacoin Features

Guaranteed Performance

Forzacoin claims that this coin is going to be steady since they use superior modern technologies and lots of big parties involved.

Multi Transactional

Forza Coin’s system can perform lots of things such as, deposit, move between wallets, as well as between crypto, convert, independent trade and a financing program.

Safe And Private

Privacy and safety are extremely important in this age. As such, Forzacoin ensures the safety of one’s information, cash, and any private details.

Forzacoin Conclusion

All of ICOs are highly risky, especially lending platforms. Purchasing a small amount can frequently see large gains the moment the coins are recorded on an exchange, when investors think that their lending system may be legit they're sure to be interested in buying coins.

More details about the Forzacoin platform will be released when the company updates their website and relevant media outlets.


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