Foundico is an informational website that publishes a list of ICOs across the community. Find out how Foundico works today in our review.

What Is Foundico?

Foundico, found online at, is a website featuring a list of ICOs and cryptocurrency projects taking place across the internet. The website only features trusted and relevant projects. Some projects are based on the blockchain, while others are not.

Overall, the goal of Foundico is to help users find trusted ICOs.

Foundico began its advertising campaign in August 2017 after launching earlier this month.

How Does Foundico Work?

You can get a look at how Foundico works by visiting the website today at On the front page of that website, you’ll see a list of ICOs that are currently taking place or about to take place.

The website features relevant information about each ICO – like its completion percentage (how much development has been completed on the project), the ICO’s closing date, and a basic overview of how each project works.

It’s all displayed in a nifty and intuitive card format. You mouse over a card to flip it over, getting a brief description of the ICO and the company. To read more information about any particular ICO, just click the “more” button.

ICOs are also separated into categories. Some of the available categories include Finance, Gambling, Adult, Health Care, Social Networks, and Computing.

Dozens Of ICOs Have Been Featured On Foundico

In addition, ICOs can pay for a “sponsored” listing. A sponsored listing bumps you to the top of the list of ICOs. Right now, there are two “Premium” listings featured on the website: one for The Agora and another for BetOpen.

Foundico also features a blog highlighting recent ICO initiatives and other unique projects taking place across the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities.

Foundico Conclusion

Foundico is an informational platform featuring ICOs. The platform is designed for blockchain and non-blockchain companies: if your company is going through an ICO, then it may be eligible to be featured on the Foundico platform. You can learn more about the company, or browse the list of ICOs today, by visiting online at

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