Fr8 Network is an arrangement of decentralized applications intended to streamline the cracked value chain in the freight industry by straightforwardly associating key partners, expelling high-cost arbitrage, and redistributing income.

Their blockchain network encourages the digital record keeping identified with the asset trades, even in situations in which middle people and brokers are boosted to oppose change.

Fr8 Freight Industry Marketplace Token

Their ERC20 compliant digital token controls all the transactions of Fr8 Board, functions as credit escrow while empowering instant settlement. Their trustless token disposes of centralized control by guaranteeing important information will not be able to be co-opted into the walled gardens.

Settlement Services

FR8 settlement services enable contract members to settle financial commitments in their preferred money. They put a variable level of the value of the escrow contract as stake and encourage best practices so that all parties can avoid financial penalties.

Added Value Services

It delivers complementary innovation and administration that enable the community to grow, and in addition furnishes a stage to join forces with different verticals on new open doors. Fr8 Factoring as one of its services gives access to the low-cost capital for independent brokers, carriers and shippers—and empowers new participants to hold and credit Fr8 Token. Their Fr8 Rewards program provides new chances to band together with corresponding ventures on rebate programs for everything including accommodations, parts and service, insurance, fuel and food.

The Fr8 Carrier Experience

Fr8's recommendation engine productively fills a carriers' unused limit and dodges deadheads and fractional burdens. They offer the carriers the capacity to set up notoriety through their Fr8 Rating, compensating best practices for example, on-time delivery, or consistent updates. With their ratings, the carriers will have an enhanced comprehension of the dangers of making transactions with particular shippers.

Carriers can diminish or even wipe out expensive financier charges, increasing the revenue per trip. Carriers who pick to utilize their Factoring Services will appreciate quick payment at cheaper rates. Their RODS tracking technology is free with each transaction, enables carriers to effortlessly consent to changing FSCMA directions.

Their smart coordinating and limit management feature set builds utilization, which eventually prompts better margins. Overall, Fr8 offers shippers an immediate perspective of carrier market that enriches them with knowledge inaccessible today, creating the trust to opt for the best carriers.

The Fr8 Broker Experience

Their tools and data give the brokers the opportunity to work autonomously, taking a good share of their charge as opposed to giving the dominant part of their benefit to their manager. This likewise gives an opening to another area of “gig economy.” Anybody with a PC and network connection can provide services as a facilitator – either only for particular shippers or on ad hoc basis.

The Fr8 Shipper Experience

Fr8 effectively takes the freight needs of a shipper and in a flash matches it with an accessible capacity, which can wipe out expensive financier charges, sparing up to 30 percent on each shipment. Instant updates, activated automatically as shipments close finish and BoL commitments are met, will be pushed to the shippers' cell phones. Moreover, shippers can add insurance to cover shipments in just a single click.

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