Fractal Token

What Is Fractal Token?

In a few different ways, the fractal token is different to what you may be used to when it comes to digital tokens. The value of these fractal tokens is decided for the most part from demand and supply. Their own crypto hedge fund will also actively support the token and ensure that there is adequate liquidity available and that it is kept healthy and growing at a constant rate.

How Fractal Token MC Fractal Fund Technical Analysis Trading Works

The MC Fractal Fund is set to be a fund based on crypto that will be utilizing their MC Fractal Studies innovative technology in order to place smart and profitable investments in the financial markets.

These trading decisions will be made by the assembled team that is made up of experienced traders who have a lot of knowledge when it comes to the financial markets, as well as with using the multi fractal strategies for their analysis and trading.

All profits that are generated through these efforts are set to be put back into the fractal token (FTO) market allowing it to grow over the medium to long term.

The token fund is set to be their secondary fund that will somewhat receive financing from profits derived from their main fund. Its main aim is to keep the market for the fractal token supported and in good health while ensuring that high levels of volatility are avoided.

Fractal Token FTO ICO Details

In their token sale, there will be a total of 500 million tokens issued, which represents 76.9% of the total tokens created. There will be 95 million tokens placed in the token fund and with the remaining 55 million being placed in a bonus program.

85% of the funds that are raised through the ICO will go towards the main fund, with 10% of the ether that is accumulated going towards development costs for the platform and with the remaining 5% going towards their legal expenses.

Their trading profits will be allocated in a certain way that 55% of them will be retained by the token fund, 35% will stay in the main fund and 10% of them will be allocated for fees.

The offering starts on the 20th of February and their hard cap was set at 50 million ETH, with the exchange rate being set a 1 ETH = 10,000 FTO. The token sale will end either when the hard cap has been reached or on the 20th of April.

It will be in May that the token will be listed and able to be traded on the exchanges. In July, the MC Fractal Fund will be fully formed and the team and offices put in place.

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