What Is Frankl?

Frankl is a new blockchain company which was created to make open science easier to do and more rewarding than it currently is. The company will use this new technology to integrate the way that the scientific workflow works and will use its own tokens for the incentivization for data sharing purposes.

How Frankl Open Science Blockchain Data Sharing Works

The platform created by this company will be based on three important aspects: the app platform, blockchain integration and tokenized economy. All of the actions made by the company will be focused on the platform developed by the team and it will use a blockchain structure and tokenized payments.

The platform will be focused on giving people access to what is known as “open science” a type of science that is open to all types of people. As more and more publishers are charging high fees for people who want access to content, Frankl’s idea is to be able to give this scientific content to people without charging abusive fees.

To be able to do it, the company will pay the scientists using its own tokens and enable people to have access to this content without having many problems. The blockchain technology can secure the articles forever and is great for sharing any type of content.

Initially, the company will focus on cognitive assessment. The company will open space for people to use the platform for research and to create scientific content about this type of issue. In the future, the company is planning to expand its focus and be more wide. More specifically, the company is already creating solutions for research that involved autism, chosen by the company as the first issue that it would focus on.

Who Is Behind Frankl?

The team that developed this project is composed primarily of researchers and developers who are enthusiasts of the idea of a open science. The main ones are Jon Brock, Elise Roberts, Kyle Hengst, Tasha Nair, Peter Godbolt, Kat Clark, Sammy Broese and Matthew Szwec. The main advisors are Greg Savage, Craig Smith, Sue Fletcher-Watson and Michael Hoegen.

Frankl Token ICO And Airdrop Details

Whitelisting for the sale of Frankl tokens will start on May. You have to pass a KYC test to be whitelisted and be eligible for the pre-sale of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which will happen in June. The token sale will continue in July (phase 1) and in November (phase 2). Unfortunately, we were not able to get information about the price of the Frankl tokens.

The tokens will be ERC20-based and 600,000,000 tokens will be created. The minimum cap is 1,500 and the hard cap is 90,000 ETH.

  • Token Symbol: Frankl
  • Token Sale Starts: July 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: Nov 2018
  • Total Supply: 600,000,000,000 Frankl
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: 1,500 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 90,000 ETH

You can also get tokens via airdrops. You can register for them up until May 24 and more than 700 million tokens will be given away from Frankl. To participate, you have to be a scientist involved in a university and have a Telegram account. If you follow the company on social media or promote them you can receive even more tokens.

Frankl Conclusion

Frankl is part of a wider movement of people starting to use the blockchain technology to give the scientific community some new perspectives and ways to monetize its creation. While it does not really seem to be the finest or most innovative company of its type, all these companies are pretty interesting.

You should invest in the Frankl platform especially if you are a scientist in the area of cognitive assessment or someone interested in the subject.


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