What Is FreeBitco?

FreeBitco seems like a scam right off the bat. They claim you can win up to $200 in free Bitcoins every hour. And at the rate that Bitcoin is rising, that’s a far-off promise. The first thing you see on the website is a place to create an account. It almost seems like Clickbait to phish for people’s information.

How Does FreeBitco Work?

It likely doesn’t work, the quality of the website says a lot. People who know programming and web development can set up websites in a matter of hours or sometimes sooner. Although they claim that there are more than ten and a half million users, there is no guarantee. You would think you would have heard about the Freebitcoin website already if so.

Cryptocurrency is going wild right now on a worldwide scale. Using something so hot is a typical black hat marketing tactic to promote other system and get people’s information. They claim that they’ve already given 130,390.28425283 Bitcions away to users since they’ve started. But those are astronomical numbers that would be the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars or more.

Considering that each Bitcoin is about $12,000USD each right now, you would have heard of a company by now that has such a wealth of value and currency to give away. Apparently, the users have played more than 58,626,467 games since the company has been started.

The claim is that every hour you can play Bitcoin and win up to $200 in free bitcoins with each win. The game is said to be completely fair. A high-low game that is simple and designed to be provably fair through a use of cryptography and math. You can win massive hi-lo jackpot prizes and up to one bitcoin each time you play.

They also make promises of a weekly lottery that gives you free tickets each time someone you refer or you play the free bitcoin game. It’s an unlikely game that is most likely a scam. Even if it’s just to collect people’s data, the system seems entirely false and is probably something you will want to stay away from.

They claim that when you refer friends and they sign up, you get 50% of everything they win. You also get free lottery tickets, but the reality of winning is a mystery of now. There are no reviews or positive testimonies by anyone who’s played the game as of now.

FreeBitco Conclusion

If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, it’s a digital cryptocurrency that works on a ever popular payment network. It’s currently taking shape as one of the most valuable new currencies in the world and even holds a tremendously large amount of stored value with each coin.

It’s actually worth more than the USD by more than twelve thousand times right now. It works on an open-source network and although Bitcoin is a safe and mostly trusted virtual currency, the same cannot be said about FreeBitco.

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