SHMsoft Inc, a Houston-based company that focuses on the use of eDiscovery software, has recently announced new additions made to its FreeEed, an open-source platform. The supposed additions are said to include OCR, internationalization and browser-based first-look reviews. Simply put, users will now be able to read and search the blockchain platform.

The President of SHMsoft Inc., Mark Kerzner, went on to express the amount of success achieved with FreeEed in place, as it has been “Used by the legal and research community for the last six years”. Lawyers are believed to benefit from its uses, as it allows one to do legal reviews. Furthermore, researchers can use eDiscovery as a mean to conduct several investigations.

Today, the development made is said to expand existing services to a whole new and popular market: “Blockchain and Ethereum app developers.” So, how might making it Blockchain-friendly serve any useful purposes? For starters, this addition can work towards solving speed. In most cases, the database is not as fast as it could be.

An example of this is that of Bitcoin, which takes 10 minutes to write a single block. Another issue it may target is the lack of queries, which should have been considered given users want to access stored information from a blockchain platform.

As per existing information, the back-end used to ensure users can use text search is called Elasticsearch. Another way that one can regain access to processed data is by accessing other open sources like Logstash and Kibana. For more related news, go to:

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