Freewallet, one of the leading cryptocurrency wallet has released $TRON Wallet, which will host the new $TRX. TRX is also available for holding at Multiwallet. Tron founder, Justin Sun, personally thanked Freewallet for their effort to be trailblazers in this aspect.

Freewallet is a Tallinn, Estonia-based developer that offers mobile cryptocurrency wallets for iOS and Android devices. The company’s mobile wallets are designed to hold bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Lisk, and Dogecoin. The company was founded in January 2016. Freewallet’s first product, FantomCoin, was designed to test the technology.

The company later launched Ethereum wallets, bitcoin wallets, and Monero wallets on the Google Play Store. One of the unique things about Freewallet is that the company retains control of each customer’s private keys. They keep the majority of users’ funds in cold storage – similar to how an exchange would keep your funds.

Notably, TRON users and coin holders have voted in Justin Sun to be one of the networks super representatives. Super representatives are DPoS protocol block producers (master nodes) that are elected through a democratic on-chain voting process and TRON will have 27 of those.

Tron is not being left behind in the ongoing bull run being experienced in the market with its prices jumping to $0.03769 today. A price surge of more than 8 percent in the last 24 hours. TRX market cap currently stands at 2.4 billion USD. Many experts believe that the recent price surge of Tron is caused by the confirmation of Tron acquiring biggest p2p platform, BitTorrent, and will continue to climb.

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