Freewallet is a free, open-source cryptocurrency wallet for iOS and Android devices. Find out how Freewallet works today in our review.

What Is Freewallet?

Freewallet, found online at, is a Tallinn, Estonia-based developer that offers mobile cryptocurrency wallets for iOS and Android devices. The company’s mobile wallets are designed to hold bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Lisk, and Dogecoin. At the end of July 2017, Freewallet became one of the first major mobile wallets announcing support for Bitcoin Cash.

The company was founded in January 2016. Freewallet’s first product, FantomCoin, was designed to test the technology. The company later launched Ethereum wallets, bitcoin wallets, and Monero wallets on the Google Play Store.

Freewallet’s varisou wallets have often reached the #1 position for their respective currencies on the Google Play Store.

One of the unique things about Freewallet is that the company retains control of each customer’s private keys. They keep the majority of users’ funds in cold storage – similar to how an exchange would keep your funds.

However, if you’re the type of user who likes to retain control of your private keys, then Freewallet may not be your ideal choice. Obviously, you’re free to transfer your private keys and coins from Freewallet to another wallet at any time.

Freewallet Products

Freewallet offers a number of different products for all types of currencies. Available currencies include:

  • Bitcoin Wallet (iOS and Android)
  • Ethereum Wallet (iOS and Android)
  • Monero Wallet (iOS and Android)
  • Dash Wallet (Android)
  • ZCash Wallet (Android)
  • Doge Wallet (iOS and Android)
  • Steem Wallet (iOS and Android)
  • Lisk Wallet (iOS and Android)
  • Decent Wallet (Android)
  • NXT Wallet (Android)
  • Ardor Wallet (Android)
  • FantomCoin Wallet (Android)
  • Bitcoin Cash Wallet (Android)
  • Bancor Wallet (Android)
  • DigitalNote Wallet (Android)
  • Bytecoin Wallet (Android)
  • Tether Wallet (Android)

Freewallet Features

Obviously, all of the above wallets work in the same basic way. They let you hold each respective currency in a mobile-based interface. You can access your currency, view your account balance, withdraw or deposit money, or transfer money to another wallet. The apps tend to be well-designed and secure. Here are some of the key features across all Freewallet builds:

Cold Storage:

The majority of all assets are stored in an offline vault to secure your funds against any malicious activity. Freewallet does this because they claim that 90% of users don’t backup their private keys or remember their mnemonic phrases. Again, Freewallet is unique among mobile wallets for keeping its users’ funds in cold storage, because most other mobile wallets don’t retain control of your private keys.

Backup Not Required:

If you lose your device, you don’t have to restore it from a backup. You can freeze your account or access it from any Android or iOS device.

Additional Security:

Users can secure their wallet to additional levels using security codes or by verifying their email/phone number.

Payment & Exchange Services:

Freewallet offers smart transactions. You can transfer money between currencies. View Freewallet’s current rates on their website.

Buy Coins:

If you’ve never purchased coins in your life, then Freewallet lets you easily buy coins for the first time. You can buy currencies like Bitcoin with a card, for example. Freewallet has a nifty interface where you choose how much you pay, then view the amount you can receive in bitcoin.

Overall, the Freewallet apps are easy to use and come with a user-friendly interface. The apps are easy to appreciate whether you’re a beginner or advanced cryptocurrency user.

About Freewallet

Freewallet is a team of Estonia-based developers who have created a large number of wallets across the cryptocurrency industry. The company’s easy-to-use wallets let users access cryptocurrencies regardless of their technical skills or experience.

Most of Freewallet’s products have reached the #1 position on Google at some point. When you search for wallets capable of handling each respective currency, you can find Freewallet on the list.

In July 2017, Freewallet made headlines for “losing” over 21,000 ETH, worth over $8.3 million. However, the “loss” was later found to be a normal transaction between a Freewallet user. The internet lost its minds over the issue before Freewallet founder Alvin Hagg eventually responded and stated that all systems were normal, all user assets were safe, and there was no reason to worry. Nevertheless, it’s natural for users to be nervous – considering Freewallet maintains access to their private keys.

Later that month, Freewallet made headlines for a more positive note when they released one of the first Bitcoin Cash wallets.

Freewallet Conclusion

Freewallet is a collection of over a dozen cryptocurrency wallets. In July 2017, the company made headlines for launching one of the first dedicated Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallets. The wallet was launched on July 29. At the time of launch, the developers didn’t even know if the currency would officially exist.

Ultimately, Freewallet is one of the best-known wallets in the cryptocurrency space today. However, there’s one big catch with Freewallet: the company maintains control of your private keys, similar to how your coins are held at an exchange. As opposed to certain other wallets, you don’t have full ownership of your private keys when they’re held in Freewallet (although you can obviously transfer your coins at any time).

This can be a good or bad thing, depending on your approach to security. Some people like it when others are in charge of their security, while others prefer to hold onto their own private keys and be responsible for their own security.

In any case, you can learn more about the popular lineup of wallet apps online today at

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  1. Do not use Freewallet. They are scammers. Used there exchange to exchange 500 dollars worth of bcc into btc and never received my btc equivalent.

    • Leshahn, all transactions you made from your Freewallet address were successfully completed. If you haven’t received some of them, please contact our support in the in-app chat: we’ll be able to provide you with the transaction details you can use to inquire about the status of your funds with the destination wallet. Looking forward to hearing from you!

      • Hello,

        I recently did an in app exchange. I really like Freewallet, but I am waiting for a confirmation for a very long time, over 8 hours at this point, btcpirate is my username and no one has responded to any of my messages.

  2. Agree with LESHAHN A Hill 100%!!! Read the comments about Freewallet before using them. You will not own the private keys, and there’s a big chance of loosing money with them.

    • Dalumi, we’re a custodial wallet, one of quite a number on the market, it doesn’t automatically make us a scam. Besides, we’re currently working on the feature that will allow exporting your wallets to PC or another service, so that would be helpful. We investigate all reports about missing funds, and so far, none are unaccounted for.

  3. Having issues as well. I have a wallet with freewallet and have been trying for 3 days to exchange from Bitcoin to another coin. always fails. i think its time to cut my loss and cash out of Freewallet…

  4. I bought GVT and Grx tokens in october ,i have written to the support almost 40times but the issue remains ,nothing has been to transfer my tokens and when i send them a message they say that i stop writing to them ,so before you use this wallet please seek advice ,no help here,this is crypto why do you keep tokens in cold storage.its just a joke to trust freewallet

  5. I transferred 1.07 BTC to FreeWallet but made a mistake and transferred it to BCH. That was back in 6th December 2017. It’s been over three months and countless emails and I’m still waiting. They said their terms gave them 90days to rectify the problem. I wrote to find out what was the hold up now and got the same old answer that they were working 24/7 on my problem and were overloaded and that it could still take further days, weeks or months.

    It was as if they could not care less and it seemed to me as if it was a joke to them. There needs to be some sort of enforcement and accountability, backed up by a jail-able term if found guilty of deliberately misappropriating peoples funds. I for one, am in favour of some form of regulation to stop deliberate misappropriation or theft of peoples money.

  6. Im sorry. I LOVE FREEWALLET! These comments are from frustrated crypto Newbies and others panicking and wanting their monies asap without understanding how every nuance of how this game works. Probably a back log of customer service issues too. Which is normal. Sorrt guys this happens. Last year Shapeshift was dealing with the same thing. I was once a frustrated newb. Now… a year later…. i know whats up.
    Freewallet rocks! Nothing comes without hiccups especially in the tech world. BE PATIENT YOUR MONEY IS SAFE!

  7. Do not use freewallet tether they have purposely diverted over $2200 in usdt when I used their exchange to BTC I received only 4 cents in BTC and have made support tickets only to be blamed for the transactions with no chance of getting my funds back ever. Stay away from web wallets and control your own private keys or don’t get into Crypto Currency.

  8. Like Freewallet for a great opportunity of wallets. I don’t mind having 3 of them as it’s more comfortable for me than a Multiwallet.


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