FrenchDreamTowers Features Blockchain IoT Network & Algae-Coated Building

Paris-based International architectural agency, XTU Architects, recently released the specs of a high-end tower that has been proposed for a city in China, namely, Hangzhou. What makes the efforts unique is the fact that both technological and environmental factors will be incorporated to make the tower efficient, while working towards preserving energy. The project has been titled, “French Dream Towers”, which will be based off of the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

According to the Co-Founder of Gold Truffle Engineering, Fadwa Sube, the entirety of this project is to promote “sustainability with a sustainable business model”. Likewise, their use of IoT, artificial intelligence and a cloud infrastructure allows for an understandable and analytical approach that allows businesses to strive.

For the time being, the towers are “under review”, however, details as to what the towers will house along with what makes it efficient have been released.

For instance, the towers will be coated in “bio façade”, which are algae-based. The reason for environmental implementation is supposedly to “produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide”. Furthermore, its presence will permit one to harvest rain water because of the natural shape of the facades, which alone will make the towers stand out.

Co-Founder of XTU Architects, Anouk Legendre appears to be in favor of the use of algae, as it is a staple in the XTU Architects’ business. In particular, Legendre shared that,

“the bio- facade uses thermal materials to regulate the growing temperature of algae, which in turn contributes to the thermal regulation of the building.”

As for its location, the French Dream Towers do not come in one, but four buildings which will be built together near a body of water. The tower will house different necessities including an Art center, wellness essentials, a restaurant, spa, office spaces and a bar to name the least.

China’s interest in this project comes of no surprise, as the country has been urging for renewable energy, with a goal of investing approximately USD$360 billion by 2020. In addition, China is known for having been a first-mover in many new concepts, hence seeing blockchain technology and natural plants come together is definitely laudable.

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