What Is Freyrchain?

Freyrchain is a platform that built the first collection authentication based on blockchain technology. The platform contains a huge data of culture in the world. Besides, it aims at creating a decentralized digital archiving forum for the works of culture and art for the enthusiasts to help in their growth.

Freyrchain contains the biggest Chinese physical art library and the biggest collection database in the entire world. The platform covers almost all published Chinese records and art books that are known worldwide. The database on the platform gives collection enthusiasts a variety of collection information like the transfer, value change and authentication of collections. It also provides them with complete information on transfer of information, and thereby leads to the maximization of the value of collections of art.

How Freyrchain Works

People can obtain every piece of information on collections in terms of their origins, circulation, and value change. Everyone can contribute to the art culture library through the participation in the creation, circulation, and appraisal of collections. A huge number of the collection fans can register a unique authentic personal Identification in the platform in order to publish creations and collections. The platform will then store the information on the blockchain database.

The sharing of collections on the platform is in an honest and reliable manner and is reviewed and evaluated by the public and experts respectively. The users of the platform will realize the value of their collections as different operations are done on them. The collections that are highly valued will be elevated to the level of advanced collections.

The platform offers an interaction for collection fans. The grade of the fans collections increases as the number of adopted reviews and eligible collection increases. They will grow from fans to collectors thus making them achieve self-growth.

Freyrchain Blockchain Collectibles Data Authenticity Collection

The platform has currently built an excellent blockchain collection and database application to provide a quick access to information, collection records, and historical transaction of item. Besides, it provides a credible ancillary authentication information support for the entire industry.

The platform’s token known as FREC are used as circulating currency and are useful for collection transactions on the platform. Users can obtain the tokens and use it as a medium for sharing their collection information on the platform. The tokens can also be used for the purchasing, publishing and posting of reviews for the collectibles available on blockchain and thereby get rewards if their reviews are useful.

Freyrchain Benefits


The data available on the platform is of the highest integrity. It is also highly consistent and original hence users of the platform can completely rely on it for the information on collectibles.


The source of the information on the collections can easily be traced due to the blockchain technology that the platform uses. The information can be searched and verified at all times.


Blockchain allows for easier evaluation of the value, assessment, transaction, and circulation of the data of collections on the platform thus making it highly reliable.


The quality of the collections is reviewed by different individuals on the platform and compared with other information available to confirm the authenticity of the collections. The information is evaluated by experts in the field.

Freyrchain FREC Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: FREC
  • Accepted payment method: ETH
  • Total token supply: 10,000,000,000
  • ICO: 156,436,000 USD

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