Most people have great ideas, but they find it difficult to fund them. They try various crowdfunding methods, but they find too many obstacles. If you are looking for the best way to launch an ICO, you should be thinking about blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are likely to bring in more money than any other source. However, you should also know that this does not just happen anyhow. You have to use the right systems and techniques. In addition to that, you should choose a platform that is suitable for you. This is where FriendsFingers comes in.

What Is FriendsFingers?

It is an Ethereum-based crowdfunding platform that enables people to launch their ICO with ease. When it comes to an initial coin offering, one of the most important things is to find a platform that can connect you to the people you are looking for. This starts when you create a crowd sale. Through this, you are able to reach out to a limitless number of people and therefore, all you are required to do is to ensure that they are interested in your project. With proper marketing, it should not be a difficult task.

FriendsFingers seeks to eliminate all the difficult procedures that are associated with funding a new project. Typically, launching an ICO will require you to start by learning the complex tasks. If you cannot do it, you would have to pay someone to do it, and this is not cheap. However, with this new platform, you should be happy that all the difficult steps have been completed for you. What is left is for you to follow a few prompts, and your crowd sale will be live. This is when you will start seeing the demand for your ICO grow almost every hour.

How Useful Is FriendsFingers?

There is no coding required when you use FriendsFingers to raise funds for any project. Coding is one of the tasks that people fear most. Although it may not be too complex, it still consumes a lot of time, and required specialized skills. Many people do not possess such skills, and that is why they do not succeed. This company has done the coding part for you so that you can enjoy a seamless experience whenever you want to raise money, even if you have multiple projects that you want to launch fast.

Apart from eliminating coding, the platform also reduces your costs of operation. Imagine you do not have to spend a cent on the project until you are successful. In addition to this, you can always turn back and change a few things about your initial coin offering without having to worry about a bloated budget. The only point you will be required to pay is when your campaign is successful and even when this happens, it will only be a 5% fee. Therefore, you should leverage on this and use smart contracts to raise as much money as possible.

Considering the FriendsFingers is a platform that runs on blockchain, you do not have to worry about security. You also do not have to worry about your identify since everything is decentralized.

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