The use of social media is having a significant impact on the digital world, and it is definite that the innovation is here to stay. It is common knowledge that a majority of people use social media, and the technology is fast becoming an excellent option for digital marketers, campaigners, and now institutions. However, the implementation of blockchain technology to social networking is claiming to take the advantages even further for us to enjoy the technology’s convenience.

For student social networking, most of the challenges with our existing platform always makes the participating parties to shy away from using them. However, the utilization of blockchain technology will remedy these challenges and help bring back sanity to our student social sites. One project in on course to get the student community there.

What Is FroshFeel?

FroshFeel is a decentralized blockchain platform that aims to unite all students and guarantee them access to institutions and educational-related businesses to their convenience. The platform will allow for students to undertake networking with their peers, mentors, and tutors on matters of assignments, tests, and other study materials.

Furthermore, FroshFeel will assist students to find and join study groups, e-learning classes, and seek lecturing services. Apart from the educational assistance, there is also a job-seeking portal for graduates or students who want to put their theoretical knowledge to the test through internships.

FroshFeel P2P Student Network Blockchain Platform Basics

  • Q and A section- those in the social, lifestyle and educational category can post questions, discuss, as well as get help or assist others with their questions through the answer tool.
  • Classes feature- social discussions will rank on events, and courses with the feature made available for the lecturers, mentors, and tutors
  • Agenda- students can efficiently manage their time with the Agenda portal
  • Job portal- full-time and part-time jobs for businesses and institutions are available to the students.
  • Classified ads- students get to post whatever they want to trade through using the fronts
  • Business Directory- users can access the listed business within the FroshFeel platform.
  • Events- a feature that enables students to seek a list of educational, or social games and have an opportunity to interact.
  • Tutors- creates a connection between tutors and students
  • Advertising- advertisers can make income through selling ad space within the platform.

Using the FroshFeel Coins

The increased use of cryptocurrency within the financial sector was a significant inspiration for the creation of froins. Within the FroshFeel platform, the digital currency facilitates the purchasing and selling of both physical and digital goods and services from the businesses partnering with the student platform. The ERC 20 standard token will have a wide range of places from where it will allow the access of services. These places will include

  • Automobile industry
  • Student accommodation
  • Food and groceries
  • Entertainment
  • Insurance
  • Internet services
  • Utility bill
  • College fees
  • Real estate
  • Health and medical costs
  • Applications
  • Students
  • Businesses
  • Educators
  • Institutions

FroshFeel FROIN ICO Details

ICO Start Date: 04/01/18
ICO End Date: 04/30/18
Coin Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 1000 FROINS
Minimum Purchase Amount: 0.1 ETH / 0.006 BTC
Accepted Form of Payment: ETH / BTC

How Does FroshFeel Rank?

There isn’t much focus on the student community among the upcoming blockchain ventures. As such that makes, FroshFeel a somewhat unique ICO. However, much of the project relies on combining the forces of the educational sectors including institutions. While this is a bright idea, it may turn out to be a challenge with most educational institutions under the authorities of central governments which do not favor cryptocurrency use.

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