FTB Bank

There are many platforms out there that are exclusively dedicated to providing services concerning bitcoin – and just that. However, it is also becoming popular among platforms to mix their offerings by engaging users through additional banking tools that they can use to manage accounts, conduct transactions, perform withdrawals and so much more. Those who are looking for a hybrid system offered by a reputable platform may want to consider FTB Bank. This is not only a traditional cryptocurrency platform, but one that includes fund management and other banking tools.

What Is FTB Bank?

FTB Bank is a new platform that is designed to enable users to conduct numerous transactions concerning cryptocurrency, while also being able to utilize various banking and investment tools as well. The platform makes it easier to be a part of the investment industry for those with cryptocurrencies by offering them services such as cloud funds and crypto-funds. The primary goal of the platform is to make it easier and more effective for those with cryptocurrencies to be a part of the investment economy so that they can also earn on their investments.

Combining Digital Tokens And Investment Funds

Those who use this platform will notice that it works to combine digital tokens and investment funds. This essentially means that those who conduct transactions can do so by trading funds as easily as traditional tokens. The digital tokens will remain a tangible asset, which mitigates the concern and risk involved. Further, individuals will also notice that the platform is very user-friendly and easy to use so that conducting transactions is truly simple.

The Benefits Of FTB Bank

There are many benefits to be had when one tries FTB Bank. Here are the main advantages of this platform so that individuals know what to look forward to:

Connect World Funds

First, the platform offers a unique service called Connect World Funds. This tool is what generates cryptocurrencies on a global scale and gives them the ability to act like an asset. With this fund, individuals can conduct quick transfers, there are minimal transaction fees, and so forth.

Investment Crypto Funds

Second, the platform also offers Investment Crypto Funds. This is a portfolio of cryptocurrencies that are supervised and managed at all times. Those who are interested in investing can choose the funds that they are interested in and the corresponding portfolio. The funds can also be moved and traded easily.

Cloud Funds

Finally, Cloud Funds is an entirely new concept whereby users are given the opportunity to directly managed the investment funds. All of the investment decisions are made by the majority of participants managing the portfolio. In addition, the funds can be moved or changed instantly.

In addition to these unique services, the platform is also meant to reduce wait times concerning investment funds, it reduces the barriers to entry into the market, and it reduces operation costs as well. This makes investing a more affordable and better experience for most individuals.

The FTB FinTech Bank Coin

FTB Bank is also offering its own ICO called Fincoin. There are currently 10 billion Fincoins in circulation and it is a wave-based token as well. Here are the functions of the Fincoin:

  • Represents shares of FTB
  • Enables participation
  • Can be used as payment by company representing FTB
  • Represents project shares
  • Dividends can be paid in FTB, waves, bitcoin, or ether

The pre-ICO already took place in 2017, however there may be more available through trades.

FTB Bank Summary

Overall, FTB is primarily for those who are interested primarily in investing and in the traditional tools available through banking systems. Those who are interested in learning more about this platform and getting started can do so through the brand’s website.

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