FTEC provides the proof of the existence of various business opportunities in the Cryptocurrency industry. The digital platform brings together various networks through its intelligent service provision features to the crypto markets. Through its ecosystem, FTEC offers investors an in-depth exposure to US-based technology firms at some of the lowest fees in the market, and, penetrates into the professional and commercial sub industries that are mostly ignored. The platform is ideal for both experienced and beginner investors.

How Is FTEC Useful?

FTEC investment works to provide investment returns in line with the functionality of MSCI USA IMI Information Technology Index. Through this, the platform gets to invest assets in the security market on behalf of the investors.

According to the claims of FTEC developers, the platform is well organized to offer the much-awaited efficiency in all trading activities hence saving investor time, often wasted through tedious procedures. The expertise of the FTEC team helps in the examination and analysis of various crypto trading features to help in the improvement of service delivery as well as influence investment choices.

Furthermore, users gain from strategized trading decisions that help to yield better results. Through conducting random competitor analysis, the platform gains the true market places situation that’s set to place users on top of the competition. Also, the decentralized systems in place take care of all security and transparency details that enhance the implementation set procedures, thus minimizing risks in the investment field.

FTEC ICO (FTEC Token) Details:

What Do I Stand To Benefit From FTEC ?

Being on the platform, automatically places you in an ecosystem of like-minded individuals. Through this, investors stand to benefit from the smart contract enabled trading system in place that guarantees the security and privacy user details. And that’s not all as developers promise the provision of an exchange management module that will work to ensure strict adherence to the set standard of operation.

Since the platform sets to have a Cryptocurrency management system in place, users with various Cryptocurrency accounts get convenient portfolio management and access for fast transactions within the ecosystem. You also stand to benefit from constant price change notifications so that you know the right time for trading, a rare feature in such platforms.

Furthermore, there are various user supportive features in place that will ensure the smooth running of platform activities as well as yield positive relationships within the ecosystem. For instance, with the user behavioral analysis tools, the platform can provide customized services to its users, while the global price analyzer keep you informed on better trading days. Also, coming in handy are the desktop and mobile Apps for convenience access to the platform 24/7.

The FETC presale kick starts on 11th April 2018 with the token sale on 8th May 2018. And the distribution includes; 10% on pre-sale, 75% on token sale, 7% to the team, 3% bounty &advisors and 2% airdrop. The platform plans to make use of its existing coinbot.club andcryptoangels.io to run FTEC

Why Shouldn’t I Invest?

So far, the platform looks promising with all necessary areas covered. However, we advise you to invest with caution as there is no 100% guarantee on success. Also, security markets might sound a little risky for some first-time investors.

FTEC Verdict

The FTEC ecosystem offers a great trading platform for both experienced and beginner traders in the Cryptocurrency industry. Their official website is well organized with sufficient information materials for all interested parties. It also promises to bring on board user friendly tools in the exchange market for better navigation. And with Smart Contract Technology in place, the platform offers a fair deal to stakeholders, thus worth your consideration.

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