Why We Need To Appreciate Bitcoin Network Full Nodes

A proposal by twitter user BeijingBitcoins is in place to make July 1st 2018 a “full node appreciation day”. All miners are expected to switch off their hashrate in honor of all the full nodes protecting the Bitcoin network.

Any computer that connects to the Bitcoin network is referred to as a node. However, nodes that verify all the rules of Bitcoin are known as full nodes. Full nodes download every transaction and block and checks them against the Bitcoin rules. If a transaction or block violates one of the consensus rules, it is rejected. Thus, full nodes do the right thing no matter what. They also protect the network from the miners who can execute serious attacks. Since full nodes do not rely on miners entirely, miners cannot completely destroy or change the Bitcoin network.

Appreciating full nodes is important as without them the Bitcoin network would be in chaos. Further, miners would also easily execute serious attacks on the network completely changing or destroying it.

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