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Early 2017, any cryptocurrency enthusiast could easily raise funds without necessarily studying the market trend. For instance, someone who bought a Bitcoin in July paid $2,000. If that person sold it in mid-November, without a doubt, he/she must have pocketed a cool $8,000 without breaking a sweat!

Right now though, it is uncertain that anyone can risk spending $17,500 for Bitcoin, mainly because such an astronomical figure is outside many people’s reach. But it doesn’t mean that’s the end of the road since there are several other ways of still making money, including being an investor in a newly created cryptocurrency.

Wondering How?

Well, here’s a platform that will simplify the normal in which traders can use to create crypto-funds quickly and cost-effectively is on the way. Fund Platform promises to unite developers of New Economy Movement and potential investors. Fund managers and investors will easily foster robust cooperation with each other with maximum convenience and token FUND for everyone within the platform, albeit for a short span of time.

What Is Fund Platform?

Fund Platform is where investors will trade and invest using crypto-funds using decentralized, convenient and protected services. It seems, it is the right place for fund managers and investors to build cooperation for a limited period. For an investor, however, there’s little to worry about since all their funds fall into the hands of the platform’s developers.

Maybe you are used to tokens in all the other ICOs. Well, Fund Platform introduces subsidiary tokens (sub-tokens) to aid those who can’t match the value of a Fund token. The quantity of these sub-tokens is unlimited to allow investors to choose a befitting fund product to invest on. Another impressive feature of this platform is the expanded set of options to be used when depositing or withdrawing, without API. Moreover, there are reduced fees for all platform-certified coins.

Certification takes phases, and involves penning the contract between the funder and Fund Platform, depositing the funds among other nitty-gritties. Analysts within this platform investigate funds that have lower risks, but have a potential for higher profits and are certified by blue-chip companies.

Fund Platform Features

  • Platform where developers can meet investors
  • Tokens and Subtokens
  • Maximum cooperation between coin developers and investors
  • Investor funds are safe and secure
  • Expanded choice of coin options for deposit and withdrawal

Fund Platform Tokens and ICO

Fund Platform can be compared to Ethereum where the coin developers create mini-contacts for every fund. Each developer is, therefore, updated on matters security and correspondence with the platform’s objective.

Fund Platform retains 25% of the tokens, 10% go to the developers of the coin and won’t be available for sale for 24 months while 5% are distributed after the ICO among the bounty program’s participants. The last 60% goes to the investors.

  • Tokens are available in: XEM, BTC, ETH, BCH, Dash, LTC, ETC, NEO, XRP.
  • Pre-ICO period: 10th December 2017 to 25th December 2017
  • Tokens available: 10,000,000
  • 1 token: $0.1, minimum investment: $1
  • Presale: $0.1 +50% Bonus on purchased number of tokens
  • Soft cap of presale: $150,000
  • Dates of the ICO will be announced the pre-ICO period elapses immediately.

Fund Platform Final Words

Developing new cryptocurrencies isn’t a mere feat since the process is long and expensive. To help ease it, however, Fund Platform hopes to fund developers and help investors get a decent share of the returns. What this platform basically does is to help create new coins without pouring huge investments into its marketing.

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