Futereum FUTR

As we all might know, a simple $100 investment made in the crypto domain at the start of 2017 would have yielded profits in excess of 250% today.

However, even with all of the ‘securitisation measures’ that are being taken today in relation to blockchain based assets, there still exist many tangible concerns that have led many experts to believe that the use of such protocols can lead to lowered long term gains.

About Futereum FUTR

Futereum or FUTR for short, is an all new cryptocurrency that has been designed with the goal of amalgamating the domain of “financial engineering” with that of blockchain technology. It came about as a result of the recent introduction of leveraged Blockchain based “derivatives contracts” that were introduced into the crypto world for the first time last year.

Why Futereum FUTR?

According to the official company website, Futereum FUTR has the ability to harnesses three different types of “Blockchain Payment Utility” protocols. From a more technical standpoint, we can see that Futr makes use of ‘Fibonacci based operational algorithm’ to make mining easier.

Core Utility:

The core functionality mechanism that is employed by Futr is commonly referred to as the “proof-of-membership stake”. Though the use of this technology, the platform is able to prioritize payments that can be helpful in the future development of this project.

Exchange Utility:

As most crypto users know by now, digital currency exchange is becoming easier by the day, and as a result of this, it is now possible for us to make use of altcoins for the execution of everyday transactions which might have not been possible just a couple of years back. Futr has been designed to harness this ability, and can allow for the execution of two separate trades via the use of “alternate algorithms”.

Derivative Utility:

According to the company whitepaper, Eth will initially be used for the mining of Futr. A smart contract will be applied and used for the secure holding of Eth safely for a defined time period, following which it will be switched back to Futr. This is will de done via the use of a separate algorithm, which will be able to deliver “leverage-simulated returns”.

Key Benefits of Futereum FUTR

(i) Accessibility:

Tthis token will be made available for use all across the Futereum network. The currency is designed for use within a host of “dynamic utility based projects” that will be made available in the coming future within this platform.

(ii) Value:

Though the use of secure “derivatives contracts”, this platform is able to increase the value of the underlying currency is a safe and stable manner

(iii) Ease of Use:

The mining process involved within this project is quite simple and makes use of ‘FUTR smart contracts’ that offer the possibility of multiple entry points to currency owners.

What is the Difference Between ETH and FUTR?

This is an important facet of this currency that should be clearly understood by everyone. In its most basic sense, Futereum FUTR is a “utility derivative” of Ethereum. What this means is, it acts as an exchange utility that is mined and traded via the use of the Ethereum blockchain. As a result of this, there is a direct relation between the performance and market value of Ethereum and Futereum.

How Do I Get On Board?

According to the website, Futr will begin its trade on at least 3 major online exchanges within the coming year. If the plan of action stays in line with the company’s roadmap, the first listing of this currency should be seen by the 2nd of February, 2018. During the month of January, potential investors will have the ability to mine Futr coins.

For any further details regarding this currency, users can get in touch with company officials via the email address provided on the homepage.

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  1. Hello Future FUTR Investors (Simple Bounty, just to get more people to join the chatroom!),

    I’m selling a portion of my FUTR pre-order for 20% below level 1 mining cost! You don’t get it cheaper than that when it gets listed on Open Ledger, February 2.


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