FutureNET FuturoCoin Review

FuturoCoin is brought to you by the FutureNet club. FutureNet combines 5 online areas with the best future prospects, namely Cryptocurrency, Online advertising, Online Gaming, Online money earning and social media.

They have already attracted more than 3 million people from across 180 countries. The presence of this size of community on a launch day of a decentralized community has never been done before. FutureNet is the globally first MLM company that starts with marketing plan with its own blockchain.

About FuturoCoin

The future of payment systems lies in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies owe their acclaim to, among other things, their easy management. FutureNet had that in mind while creating FuturoCoin. It has its own blockchain and is already accepted in many places. It is tradable across most Exchanging Platforms.

Features of FutureNET FuturoCoin

  1. Asymmetric Cryptography: FuturoCoin like Bitcoin uses this technique to sign the transaction. In essence it means that every public key is derived from its corresponding private keys and FuturoCoin is assigned to a public key. To make to make a transaction the owner needs to use his/her private key to authenticate the ownership of FuturoCoin assigned to a corresponding public key.
  2. DASH as a Codebase: DASH is a rapidly growing community consisting of developers, marketers, merchants and traders. It is based on Bitcoin source code. DASH gives many benefits which are mentioned in following points.
  3. Two-Tiered Network: Unlike Bitcoin’s single-tier network where all processes are performed by nodes, Dash is the first cryptocurrency to introduce masternodes as a second layer of nodes. Masternodes and ordinary peers are equal in their connection behaviour, forming a classical P2P network.
  4. Instant Payments: Instant payment functionality is specific feature first introduced by DASH. This service allows almost instant transactions around the globe. Instant payments get rid of the issue related to waiting for confirmations when sending the transaction and merchants can deliver their goods right after the transaction occurs.
  5. Emission Rate: The time needed to mine all the coins is set to 10 years. Difficulty retargets use Dark Gravity Wave algorithm. New blocks will be mined every minute on average. The emission rate is constant – no halving reward blocks or any other events that could change coins issuance.
  6. Flat Fee For All Kinds of Transaction: Masternodes play many vital roles in FuturoCoin ecosystem. One of them is to keep transaction fee constant no matter how big it is in bytes or in value sent.

FutureNET FuturoCoin Conclusion

FutureNet is a fast growing community with millions of members. FuturoCoin started with a significant number of users. This is one of its unique features which other starting cryptocurrencies lack. Apart from the fact of having such a strong team, it is very important to emphasize the vision and the future plans that go along with FutureNET FuturoCoin.

As the FuturoCoin is limited to 100 million coins, it would mean that if divided equally then there would be less than 35 coins available per member as soon as FutureNet has reached 3 million members. You can learn more about FuturoCoin and buy FuturoCoin on their online portal https://www.futurocoin.world/en/.


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