Fyrus Pro

There is an undeniable consensus that digital currencies are going to be vital going forward, especially as this cryptocurrency market continues showing immense growth. A new community-based venture, Fyrus Pro, seeks to offer more comprehensive financial services to help elevate the industry even further. The crypto exchange will feature many benefits, like having low transaction fees, open API, faster transactions, decentralized model and also a robust reward system to grow the community.

About Fyrus Pro

The Fyrus Pro solution is designed with a focus on building a community-based exchange platform. The result is that most of its features demonstrate this beneficial approach of putting the needs of the community first. Examples of these features include a decentralized control system, top-notch reporting and analytics, strict quality control criteria and also the unique voting mechanism and token allocation model.

What Fyrus Pro Proposes

Free Market

Fyrus Pro is dedicated to building a crypto market without any roadblocks or barrier that will hinder participation. There will not be any fee for both deposits and withdrawals, thus unlocking better mobility for users to move their digital assets freely across different blockchains and wallets. Even with the little trading costs, participants will still earn back FYR tokens as rewards.

Autonomous Community

Fyrus Pro utilizes the blockchain feature that allows people to join up and make smart, transparent decisions to create an independent community. In this decentralized administrative system on this Fyrus platform, the same community currently trading on the platform will make joint decisions through Voting+ feature about how the exchange will be operated, such as deciding on crypto asset listings.

High-Quality Analytics And Reporting

Fyrus will feature an advanced analytics engine that will create informative reports to enable users to keep track of their investments.

Reduced Coin Listing Costs

Fryus Pro is devoted to reducing the burden that many new crypt projects face before they get listed. Thus, besides listing the assets with the most votes, the platform will also list any asset that meets the community’s criteria through its Voting+ feature.

Fyrus Pro Exchange And Advanced Trading Tools Benefits

Robust Online And Mobile Trading Apps:

Fyrus Pro will have user-friendly and practical online and mobile trading platforms to enable clients trade from any location.

Efficiency And Transparency:

In addition to processing millions of transactions every second, Fyrus Pro’s platform will have the benefit of blockchain transparency, which provides credibility and verifiability.

Enhanced Security:

To safeguard the client’s money, Fyrus Pro will provide 24/7 monitoring within its secure platform to effectively prevent any suspicious activities.

Support For Most Tokens:

The leading cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, ETH, MNR, and ZEC will be available for trading on Fyrus Pro immediately after the launch, with planned support for all crypto coins in the future.

Low Fees:

With charges as low as 0.05% and also free platform withdrawals and deposits, Fyrus Pro has meager trading fees. Also, participants will earn back nearly 80% of what they spend through FYR token rewards.

Fyrus Pro FYR Token Details

The FYR tokens released in circulation are going to be hard capped, while the quarterly burn will limit the supply of these tokens even further. These tokens will be used for voting power, gaining access to private events like airdrops and also for any transaction across the platform.

Funds Distribution

  • Legal: 5%
  • Reserved: 10%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Operations: 20%
  • Initial crypto exchange liquidity: 25%
  • Development: 20%

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