What Is GabroTech?

Gabro is a blockchain project with a vision to revolutionize the loyalty rewards market by removing the inefficiencies through decentralization and enabling total control for the users. Their blockchain platform will easily track and verify the number of users and points being traded or used in an ecosystem that connects the participants with a standard digital token, Gabro.

The coalition of blockchain and loyalty reward system within Gabro creates a network effect which will help drive business and also reward in a distributed structure rather than standalone loyalty programs.

Solutions GabroTech Is Working On

Gabro presents a unique 6-in-1 solution that will resolve the global loyalty programs issues using their cutting-edge technology. A list of the solutions include:

Gabro Digital Wallet

The Gabro digital wallet will give users the convenience of managing different loyalty programs and their reward points.

Gabro Token

The Gabro token (GBO) is at the core of the reward ecosystem and its necessary for everyone to obtain it to access the services on Gabro's ecosystem.

Gabro Pre-Paid card

Gabro will hope to partner with leading global payment service providers who will help achieve a Pre-paid card you can top up with the extra reward points and spend them on assets.

Multi-Currency Conversion Engine

MCCE protocol system operates to ensure liquidity of the GBO token and helps users rapidly convert the supported digital assets into fiat currency in real-time market value.

Loyalty Central

There is also the loyalty rewards platform which allows users to get idle points and convert them or use them to top up another reward program. Apart from the redeeming, there is the option of changing GBO tokens for reward points with merchants.

O2O Analytics Platform

For merchants using Gabro's service, the O2O analytics platforms offer insights into customers’ trends, tastes, and preference through advanced analysis tools.

GabroTech Blockchain Loyalty Rewards Platform Value

Fast Loyalty Engine

The processing within blockchain allows for faster rewarding, redeeming, trading and all other operations compared to the stand-alone loyalty programs.

Low Costs

Relying on the Ethereum blockchain, ensure the Gabro platform does not incur high operational costs.


With the customers in control of the system and the use of blockchain, there is plenty of confidence since the decentralization eliminates third-parties from manipulating the system.

Points Trading

The reward points are redeemable for other points and into fiat currency, making it highly convenient to being a token holder.


Small and medium-sized businesses can afford the Gabro service as part of their marketing strategies.

GabroTech GBO Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Start- 31st July 2018
  • End- 31st August 2018
  • Ticker- GBO
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Type- ERC20
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Token supply- 1,000,000,000 GBO
  • Hard cap- $50 million

Token Distributions

  • Pre-ICO– 25%
  • Public Sales- 25%
  • Founders and advisors- 15%
  • Future users- 20%
  • Bounty and airdrops- 5%
  • Partners in the ecosystem- 10%

Use Of Funds

  • Research and development infrastructure- 35%
  • Marketing and customer acquisition- 25%
  • Legal and compliance- 20%
  • Partnerships- 15%
  • Working capital- 5%

GabroTech Conclusion

The use of blockchain by its virtue brings plenty of value additions into making the loyalty rewards system much faster. Still, the sector Gabro wants to enter already has a wide range of different ventures offering much similar functionality and benefits. Overall, this means Gabro does not stand out in any way.

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