Gadcoin is a cryptocurrency that has a basis on open-source technology crypto note. The coin offers its users with a payment scheme that is not traceable. Gadcoin is the first digital coin introduced for ordinary usage because it is easy to use even by a normal mobile user and a smartphone can manage its wallets in an easy way. It has eighteen billion coins, which is the maximum number for introduction into the market making transactions to be in eight decimal places. The coin allows fast transfer of currency among users, games, and applications relying on it.

Utilizes Blockchain Technology

Gadcoin uses a blockchain that is purposely built by itself through a development team focusing on the goal of breaking and dominating the market of mobile currency. Gadcoin supports the usage of a development method that is motivated by the community, allowing everyone to contribute freely to it hence the community determines the way the project is headed. The main goal of Gadcoin is to be an online payment tool that is secure, with privacy guaranteed, easy to use, fast, and anonymous.

Gadcoin will make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone with no regard to his or her technical ability through its generation. Immediately after the installation of the Gadcoin mobile application, the users are able to see the addition of Gadcoin to each of their wallets using the peculiar mobile mining experience. Mostly, the mining of cryptocurrency is by use of special equipment. Users of the platform can also use a computer to gain Gadcoin tokens.

The Gadcoin is a crypto coin that is fully functional and has unique features that enable users to send and receive Gadcoin tokens easily thus recommends the application to others. The purchase of Gadcoin tokens will be through Ethereum or through Bitcoin.

gad token

Integration Of Exchanges

Gadcoin allows its users an opportunity to buy the coin even before being listed on the stock exchanges. The number of users and the rate at which they acquire the token will determine the funds received by Gadcoin. The early purchasers and users of Gadcoin will get rewards through the bonus structure created, whereby any Gadcoin tokens left after the closing of the token sale will be supplied to the bonus pool for mobile mining to raise the returns of the application users. By doing so, the number of users of Gadcoin will increase as well as the value of the Gadcoin for every investor.

Gadcoin ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: GAD
  • Token Sale Starts: March 2018
  • Token Price: 0.01 USD
  • Total Supply: 18 Billion
  • Token Standard: Ethereum

Benefits Of Gadcoin

Anonymity: All transactions on the platform are perfectly anonymous and can only be accessed by the user who has a unique private key.

Supports different platforms: Gadcoin wallet can easily be used with other platforms like Linux, android, windows as well as IOS

Community: Gadcoin involves the community in all its operations hence allowing it to grow over time, brought about by its ease of usage even through smartphones.

Active price growth: Gadcoin focuses on the growth in returns of its users as well as the value that it achieves for each investment done on it.

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