The significance of data storage has become a prominent issue thanks to the internet and the digital wave. In recent years, this has led to the issue of data security as the value of data grows. For instance, there was a recent massive data leak by Facebook this March.

Current Pain Points

Currently, various pain points face centralized storage. First is the security threat. Since most major cloud storage providers are centralized, a single vulnerability can leave them open to attack. Besides that, current encryption standards and private keys do not guarantee security and confidentiality.

Another issue is data monopoly and competition among large companies. Some companies analyze the data and sell it to third parties. These transactions lack transparency, and the users are not able to gain control or ownership of data. Operator shut down or operational suspension is also a major issue. This often occurred in the past. Users would be told to transfer data or lose it all.

The Future Is Distributed Storage

Faced with a growing need for cloud data storage and security concerns, the centralized data storage seems incapable of getting rid of the obstacles. This is where the distributed ledger solution could change everything.

In decentralized network storage, users can rent their hard disk space to create a decentralized network. This will ensure that every disk represents a network node. Files, which the clients upload, will be split into shards. They will then be encrypted and stored in a hard disk network. Compared to centralized storage this solution will ensure anonymity, autonomy, low cost, and fast speeds.

The GalaCloud Distributed Encryption Storage Network Solution

GalaCloud is a distributed cloud storage that was created by ZEEPIN. This solution will not just safeguard data, but it will also bring about the ability to connect with DApps. The project will be a key part of the ZEEPIN ecosystem. GALA will function as the proof of staking for GalaCloud. This will help the coin to gain value and have real utility.

GalaCloud DESNet

This is a distributed storage system that is offered by GalaCloud. It is comprised of a basketful of GalaBox nodes and GalaHUb nodes. In this ecosystem, GalaHUb will perform the sharding of files. The GalaBox feature will be used for the storage of shards and receive requests to upload and download encrypted files.

GalaCloud Advantages

Distributed Storage

Since it is distributed, third parties have no role. You will also have control of all your data at all times.

Safe And Encrypted

Since all files are sharded and encrypted, they will be impossible for one hacker to access them via one weakness.


All the data is encrypted and stored in a distributed network. The shards generate the hash, which is automatically maintained by nodes. If the sharding does not make it to the set threshold, new nodes are generated.

GalaCloud Conclusion

Zeepin will release the whitepaper for this project soon. Besides that, they plan to release the GalaBox G1 and GalaHub apps in the coming weeks.

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