Galactikka is a social network with a decentralized ad platform and reputation system. Find out how it works today in our Galactikka review.

What is Galactikka?

Galactikka is a social network project currently going through its pre-ICO and ICO. The crowdsale is taking place throughout September, October, and November.

Overall, the goal of Galactikka is to help people get paid for content. It uses a decentralized advertising platform and reputation system to accomplish that goal and build a better place for creative people. The social network itself doesn’t seem to be based on the blockchain, although Galactikka’s ad and reputation systems are built on the blockchain.

In addition, the Galactikka platform uses GALA tokens – an ERC20-compliant cryptocurrency built on the blockchain.

Galactikka is live and ready to be used online today at The website is written in Russian, and an English translation does not appear to be available. However, the whitepaper, ICO website, and other documents are all available in English.

Galactikka launched back in 2014 with the project name Surfory. The project initially planned to give 50% of its income to users. In 2016, Surfory rebranded to Galactikka. Throughout 2017, the company has had 120,000+ testers from 40+ countries worldwide.

Ultimately, Galactikka aims to offer a similar experience to Steemit (Steemit is listed as a competitor on the official website). It aims to offer a better, more profitable, blockchain-based social networking experience than we get today on Facebook or Twitter.

How Does Galactikka Work?

Galactikka describes itself as a social network with a highly efficient self-promotion system. It’s marketed towards both beginners and experienced users. If you produce good content, then you’ll rise to the top.

Galactikka is based on the “Surfing” system. It allows users to find content that matches their interest. Surfing is based on an algorithm, and that algorithm gets smarter every time you use it. It seems like a similar concept to StumbleUpon.

Galactikka also has a reputation system. That reputation system is used to track several parameters based on how active you are, and how valuable you are to the community.

Using this system, a content creator can get in touch with high-reputation users to promote their work. Top users can offer their help to distribute your works, making your content much easier to find.

What Problems Does Galactikka Seek to Solve?

Galactikka seeks to help creative individuals promote themselves, while also giving online users a way to earn income through the internet. Here are some of the problems it seeks to solve:

  • Promoting costs a lot of money, especially initial promotion
  • You have to have a lot of volume and resources to monetize your content, and monetizing content takes a lot of time
  • Social networking is filled with information-overload, “haters”, trolls, and scammers
  • Existing social connections in top social networks aren’t based on common interests, and they reduce the possibility for users to connect on topics they’re mutually interested in
  • Social network users feel like they’ve wasted time after scrolling through funny pictures for hours

How Does Galactikka Solve Those Problems?

  • Game-based mechanics of promotion and building new social relationships that takes into account the interests of the users
  • Free opportunities for initial promotion
  • Automatic, gamified smart monetization linked with the popularity of the author’s content on the network and his or her activity
  • The ability to start earning starting from zero subscribers
  • Any active Galactikka user can be rewarded for promoting content, even if they never create content themselves
  • Authors are encouraged to contribute content
  • The platform constantly monitors and blocks “inadequate” users, which preserves the atmosphere of the site

Galactikka Features

Galactikka’s platform comes with all of the following features:

Blog Platform: This is where you can write and publish articles.

Communities: Create a space around a specific interest.

Gamification: Achievements, items store, and other game-like systems encourage user activity.

Bonus Campaign: Every few minutes, a random Galactikka user receives a free bonus.

Surfing: Surf through Galactikka to find topics that interest you, based on an algorithm (similar to StumbleUpon).

Blockchain-based Rating System: Users have a reputation, and that reputation is recorded in the blockchain.

Publishing Platform: You can write and publish articles on Galactikka, then cross-publish them on Medium, LiveJournal, Tumblr, and other websites.

Donation System: Users can donate to content creators they enjoy. Users don’t have to donate their own money: certain users receive “Diamonds” every day. They can give diamonds to content creators they enjoy.

The Galactikka Token Sale

The Galactikka pre-sale and pre-ICO are taking place throughout September. The main ICO is scheduled to run from October 9 to November 9.

GALA tokens are ERC20-compliant tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. There’s a total supply of 179,660,000 GALA tokens, and a total of 157,260,000 tokens available for sale.

There will be a minimum funding cap of 6100 ETH and a maximum hardcap of 40,000 ETH. 1 GALA = $0.06 USD.

Who’s Behind Galactikka?

Galactikka is led by Founder and CEO Anton Kotelnikov, CTO Valentin Fedorov, and Co-Founder Andrew Vlasov.

The team first started developing Galactikka in 2014.


Galactikka wants to be a social network for creative people. The platform aims to give users an opportunity to showcase their creative content to as many interested people as possible. Content creators can focus on what they do best – creating content – while the platform and high-reputation users can promote content they enjoy.

Galactikka is already available online today at The ICO is taking place throughout September, October, and November.

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