The impressive capabilities of blockchain technology are showing potential in becoming an essential technology in our lifestyle. The use of smart agreements built on top of the blockchain is fast proving vital in more than just transactions or cryptocurrency. We are now witnessing the adoption of original contracts for property, capital markets, insurance, government, and healthcare, among other sectors. However, that does not end there as more blockchain ventures are finding more way to make the self-executing smart contracts more secure and feasible to the population. The concept is now set to revolutionize how we are going to interact in the future.

What is Galaxis?

As a pioneer in its own right, Galaxis is set to become the first blockchain platform to offer its users an optional use of smart private contracts at an almost fee-less rate for the transactions. Its inception will introduce a blockchain protocol that works with a token natively integrated with the TOR network to provide extra anonymity. The platforms network will operate on a DPoS algorithm, Galaxis token (XLS) and the ecosystem to try and solve the scalability of the blockchain technology. Apart from the selective privacy. Users will also get to participate in the first anonymous token sale, with the identity of the investors wholly hidden from the network.


  • 3,000,000,000 XLS [60% of Total Supply]
  • PRICE IS $0.001/XLS
  • MARKET CAP IS $3,000,000

What You Can Gain From Galaxis

  • Low Fee transactions: At a rate of $.35 for an XLS token, Galaxis will charge a negligible fee for its platform users.
  • Secure data storage: Any transaction information will undergo a proof-of-concept model to confirm the valid user identity. In return, this will help reduce on boarding and monitoring costs of the data.
  • Control over transactions- the decentralized nature of the platform will allow individual parties to formulate, oversee and execute a smart contract, all by themselves. No third-party intermediary will have authority over the transaction.
  • Faster transfers- as an ERC20 token, XLS will act as the utility token to fuel the Galaxis Network.

Positives Of the Project

With reports of scams within the blockchain scene, it is always good to access the potential of the project. A look at Galaxis’ ICO would indicate that the plan is slightly different and refreshing. First off it is an old style for a token sale with regards to our current crypto scene. While most will have nonsensical bonuses during the coin sale, Galaxis has no intention of such venture, and this is a right way of preventing a significant dump after going live.

Additionally, the ICO is using an honest and straightforward approach to pitching their idea and exposing their project. Instead of using marketing and other tactics, their concept is simple for anyone interested in getting on board. No bonuses tokens or any different strategy rather than you buy the idea or not.


While there are good signs, the project does have potential to have an adverse outcome. Although the initial idea of optional anonymity is unique, the project seems ambitious within the blockchain platform. And although it is revolutionary, it would take time before we fully adopt such technology for our agreements.

Furthermore, the token supply of 5 billion can have a negative impact on the profitability of the token. At a price of under a dollar would make the market cap 1.33 billion which makes its small regarding return on investment.

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