Galaxy GALA

Have you ever dreamed of buying a planet? While that is not literally what Galaxy offers, you definitely might want to read our review of it.

What is Galaxy GALA?

Galaxy is both an asset and a game based on the Zeepin blockchain. Galaxy is a decentralized app (dapp) created on the blockchain in a decentralized way. The core idea of this dapp is the creation of an investment which can also be entertainable. While having planets is profitable because they have a “mystical energy” that can be turned into money, they are also pretty and collectible.

By transforming what could be only a bland investment into a game, Galaxy gamefies the process of investing in the Zeepin blockchain.

How to Buy Your Own Planet in Galaxy?

To buy a planet in Galaxy you have to create it. You can do that by transferring ZPT or NEO tokens to a Galaxy address. Every planet will have a bunch of unique characteristics, which will create a combination that no other planet will have, making them unique. These characteristics will be the color of each planet, the length of their days, if they have satellites, etc.

Also, every planet will have its own identity granted by an exclusive number, so you can know that the planet is yours. You will be able to name your own planet. The planet will be completely yours and you will be able to sell it or to exchange it in the company’s Galaxy Store if you want to.

What Can You Do With Your Planet in Galaxy?

Galaxy’s planets work in analogy as nodes would in a blockchain (in fact, if you want to forget the fancy appearance, that is exactly what they are). After you have “discovered” your planet, you can use ZPT and NEO tokens to empower it by “fueling” it.

On the game, you will be able to browse via the galaxy and marvel other planets, but you will only be able to get resources from your own planet. There are multiple identities in the game. The planet owner is the one who bought the planet and he can use your money to improve his planet or get money from it.

The host of the galaxy will be a planet owner who submits for the application of nodes in the site of the company. As soon as he transforms his planet into a galaxy, the host of the galaxy will receive more money. You can receive money from your planet via mining. By doing this, you can earn some money from your planet (more if you upgrade it).

The Galaxy GALA Verdict

This company has the potential to be interesting for people who want to invest in a gamified environment. By using Galaxy, you will be able to get money and to “own your own planet”. That said, this company does not look to be necessarily the most profitable investment in the world.

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