What Is Galion?

Galion is a blockchain-powered platform that enables user to efficiently manage their digital assets and improve their financial standards. Besides, this platform provides first-rate consultancy and advisory services to its members. The primary objective of this project is to avail an efficient solution through which pole can adopt the changes brought by blockchain technology and have a positive impact on the economy.

To realize its goals, which is to build the Galion financial ecosystem, Galion will conduct a token sale. The event will be fully compliant with the law, and interested contributors must undergo a background check before being admitted.

The Current Market Situation

As of April, there were over 1,600 digital currencies and tokens in existence. This is a significant indicator that the use of cryptocurrencies is becoming mainstream. Also, the presence of smart contracts that support blockchain networks has eased the process of listing crypto assets on exchange platforms. Going by the current rate of 10 new coins per day, it is expected that this number will double within the next few months.

Currently, there are over 200 exchange platforms in the market, with 30% averaging a daily trade volume exceeding $10 million. Moreover, the blockchain sector is rapidly evolving, with numerous innovative projects being introduced frequently. Often, these startups intend to disrupt conventional industries.

Problems Galion Seeks To Solve

While some of the aspects mentioned above are beneficial, they induce a certain level of complexity from the user’s perspective. This is because:

  • Every digital currency has its corresponding digital wallet, usually with distinctive functionalities. As a result, users who own multiple cryptocurrencies are forced to open an independent wallet for each asset.
  • Exchange platforms have limited listings regarding virtual currencies. Therefore, a user might be compelled to open several accounts to access their preferred digital assets.
  • Each of the upcoming blockchain projects aims to tackle a specific problem. Hence, users who want to access multiple services must open several accounts.

The Galion Blockchain Personal Finance Marketplace Solution

Galion will build a financial ecosystem around the Galion Token that will provide the most comprehensive and simplest way for individuals to manage personal finances. The ecosystem will feature advanced trading bots and human experts who will share knowledge with the members. Essentially, Galion is a single gateway to the world of blockchain services.

Galion Core Features

Th main featires of the Glion fincial platform are:

  • Management of all asset in a single place – Galion allows users to efficiently manger traditional and digital assets.
  • Automatic tracking of assets
  • Cross-platform financial management – Galion will available for web, iOS and Android

Galion GLN Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token name: Galion Token
  • Token symbol – GLN
  • Protocol- ERC20
  • Total supply: ~380,000,000 GLN
  • Soft Cap: $2.5 million
  • Hard cap: $9.5 million
  • Exchange rate: ~ $0.05

Token Distribution

  • 60% – token sale
  • 10% – partners, advisors and early contributors
  • 10% – team
  • 20% – community reserve

Distribution Of Funds

  • 50% – product development
  • 40% – marketing and client acquisition
  • 10% – reserve

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