The appeal of hidden treasures has led to a thriving billion-dollar sector, in which treasure hunters use the latest advanced tools to locate the precious loot. Even though caves that are full of gold might be quite enticing, the big business today lies in seeking out the riches stranded under the sea. As underwater exploration technology continues to improve, today is the best time to invest in this rapidly expanding area of sea archeology with Galleon Quest.

What Is Galleon Quest?

Galleon Quest is one of the most interesting ICOs available today that is built to bring adventure to the crypto field. This crypto firm is designed to help support the seabed exploration and recovery of valuable treasure through strategic partnerships and focus on established shipwreck sites. External investors interested in reaping the rewards of precious treasures worth millions of dollars can join Gallen Quest through its ICO.

Gallon Quest aims to deliver profits to its investors by only funding the best projects that have a high expected yield. The project selection will be done based on scientific surveys already done underwater and also historical research about the specific site. It is through this high level of filtering and sorting that the company will ensure that valuable recoveries are generated every time. The company expects to recover precious gems, valuable antiquities, bullion and coins among other treasures in the sea.

Why Choose Galleon Quest?

Galleon Quest has positioned itself strategically to invest in valuable opportunities that others have been slowly developing, researching and doing all the hard work. The company will provide that last line of capital that is necessary for reaching and extracting the treasures that are laying out of the reach of explorers. Therefore, unlike other treasure recovery firms, Gallon Quest offer significantly reduced risks while increasing the prospective for getting maximum return.

How To Join Galleon Quest

The only way Galleon Quest is similar to other ICOs is that it Is backed by the Ethereum ERC20 tokens. Since Ethereum is used as the base currency of this platform, interested investors will need to use Ethereum tokens to purchase Galleon tokens. You can check out their website to learn more details about how to take part in the token sale and become one of the first investors in Galleon Quest.

Currently the team at Galleon Quest has already selected four potentially valuable shipwrecks that are planned to be searched for treasures. These shipwrecks are located within American territorial waters and the company is excited about the discoveries it is just about to make. Furthermore, the accessible location of these shipwrecks means that operations should end up being much cheaper for investors. With thousands of other shipwrecks lying around in the ocean, adventurous investors may have just found the best investment platform, which is Galleon Quest.

Gallon Quest ICO Information

  • Token Symbol: SEA
  • Token Sale Starts: March 13, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: June 28, 2018
  • Token Price: 0.0002 ETH – 0.00032 ETH
  • Total Supply: 400 Million
  • Token Standard:ERC20
  • Soft Cap: 10,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: None

Gallon Quest Conclusion

After a thorough review of the Galleon Quest ICO and its unique offerings in terms of valuable treasures, it is clear that it is a very unique and attractive investment option. The platform seeks to go further than any other explorers have gone by simply being the last capital invested before the treasure is recovered from the sea. It is this smart business practice of strategically placing itself to take advantage or prior research and hard work done by experts that make it a worthwhile ICO project and something worth recommending to potential investors.


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