What Is Game.Fund?

Game.Fund is on a mission to return the real power to the people through the establishment of a mechanism for competition incentive that evaluates two kinds of community content to rank a game player: the player’s game works, and the work comments. This ensures a fair, transparent, and dependable scoring that is not under the control of anyone.

Taking advantage of the advancing blockchain technology, Game.Fund is putting together a new way to play competitive video games – including more ‘traditional’ games whose developers would rather not invest a lot of time or resources in getting the game to the right players.

How Game.Fund Blockchain Gaming Community Works

The Game.Fund smart contracts platform deploys only original games and it has invested a lot to get an excellent team to ensure everything works as expected. The platform features a reputation database where the history of a developer, player, or critic is stored within the blockchain for easy traceability and zero chance of tampering. This is growing to be the large database that holds all types of key decisions.

The developers of Game.Fund are also working on ways to convert the high quality and large native games to be played on their H5 platform which generates an instant playable app per request. This mode is used to reduce the costs of promotion, reduce traffic, and improve game performance.

In this new era of mobile broadband, Game.Fund is focused on offering the best games on their blockchain platform, with unlimited traffic over 4G, and soon, 5G. The decentralized blockchain gaming platform is the ideal place to create, store, and spend digital assets.

Game.Fund Benefits

Game.Fund is one of the companies to successfully merge online gaming – one of the most popular past times of today, with blockchain, a revolutionary ledger technology taking the world by storm. The platform focuses more on the players, and uses the blockchain as a platform to deliver all kinds of fun and profitability to the players, developers, and interested parties.

The Game.Fund Company is offering game crowdfunding opportunities to the community on the platform with simple customizable tools and a connection with outstanding talented individuals to do the hard work. The company offers BCreator.io Chinese gaming engine with the English and Japanese version to come soon.

Perhaps the best feature of Game.Fund for developers and enthusiasts is that it is a high quality game distribution platform. It costs less and takes a short time to get a new game or update to a game to the players.

Game.Fund GF ICO Details

GF the token of GAME.FUND has it's own community token named GF. The GF token is based on the NEO blockchain. These tokens are available as the site is now live.


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