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Game Protocol is a cryptocurrency-centric self-described “decentralized gaming ecosystem” that is currently in the crowdfunding phase. Once live, the “ecosystem” will have an online marketplace where users can purchase with cryptocurrency, a software development kit for developing games that integrate into the platform, a crowdfunding platform for new games, and a community for developers to collaborate on new and upcoming projects.23q1n 2014. A mobile game development company based in Israel, GamyTech focuses on iOS and Android tablet and mobile phone apps that integrate real money gambling into popular mobile games. At the time of this writing, GamyTech’s 7 mobile games have been downloaded 3.5 million times and players of those games have won a total of $20 million.

GamyTech was founded by Jonathan Swerdlow, a graduate of Harvard University. Prior to founding GamyTech, Swerdlow has been involved at the executive level with several marketing and mobile game development companies.

The Game Protocol Product

The Game Protocol environment expands on GamyTech’s initial focus on monetized mobile app development to create an entire ecosystem where gamers can access mobile apps developed directly for the platform and for developers to gain the tools needed to develop those games.

The funding for this platform will come from Game Protocol’s ICO for its Game Protocol Token (GPT), which will be used as currency. Users will be able to either purchase games directly from the Game Protocol marketplace with GPT, purchase in-app items with the token, or make wagers during gameplay with GPT.

Meanwhile, in order to reduce volatility, Game Protocol plans to require developers to maintain a minimum balance of GPT at all times in order to have access to the system. This is in lieu of any per-service costs; simply maintaining that balance grants developers full access to all of Game Protocol’s developer tools.

There is no set date for the ICO. However, Game Protocol will have 150 million GPT available for sale once the ICO launches, and will be accepting Ethereum in exchange for these tokens. All remaining GPT after the ICO comes to an end will be burned, according to Game Protocol.

Game Protocol Opportunity

Game Protocol provides a number of opportunities, almost all of which are geared directly at gamers or game developers.

Providing a marketplace for mobile gamers that are also cryptocurrency disciples fulfilling a niche is one opportunity. Another is providing Game Protocol as a crowdfunding platform for developers looking to get a game of their own off the ground. Meanwhile, providing a developer community incubator and a software development kit also makes the platform more attractive.

This is, of course, in addition to the speculative value of GPT, which will be tradeable both within the system as well as on external exchanges.

Game Protocol Conclusion

Game Protocol has a somewhat limited scope as far as its utility, but it’s this focus that may lead to its success.

Online gaming is, of course, a lucrative business. Mobile gaming is highly popular, and microtransaction-based games or those with in-app purchases can be highly successful. This may drive Game Protocol to success if it proves to be a popular platform.

The risks with Game Protocol are also specific – if the company does not provide access to quality games on its platform, it’s not going to generate the interest needed to be successful.This means that any investor into Game Protocol that isn’t strictly interested in playing the platform’s games – or developing games for the platform – is going to have to assume the risk of their investment may not be worth much if nobody wants to play these games.

If this project interests you, we recommend signing up for the Game Protocol newsletter on the website to be made aware of when the ICO begins.


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