GameCredits GShare Cryptocurrency Mining App Earns GAME Tokens

Cryptocurrency hobbyists will from now henceforth be capable of mining digital currencies in exchange for the GAME token. This follows the launch of the GShare desktop application, software that enables users to mine crypto and get GAME as a reward. The app is a product of GameCredits, the project behind the GAME token.

GShare is available for free across all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux. According to its developers, the primary objective of this innovation is to enable gamers who usually own powerful gaming rigs to harness the remarkable ability of their hardware that often goes to waste when the machines are idle. Currently, GPUs are in high demand, mainly due to the proliferation of the crypto mining sector. Dedicated GPUs are way superior to conventional CPUS, although they cannot match up the performance of ASICs with regard to virtual currency mining. For this reason, the GPUs have skyrocketed in value in recent times.

Essentially, GShare will be leasing the processing power of gaming rigs to earn GAME. Nonetheless, the application, which is currently in Beta version, does not mine the GAME token. Rather, it mines other digital coins such as ZCash, which are trade in by GameCredits, who then deposit GAME into the gamers’ digital wallets. Thus, the app provides a means for gaming addicts to passively earn income when their machines are idle.

The amount of profit an individual can earn is entirely dependent on the power of their computer. For instance, an entry-level core i5 processor with integrated graphics chip can make up to $20 on a monthly basis. A mid-range core i5 with a dedicated NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 can return a monthly income of $125, with a high-end core i7 with a GTX 1080 graphics card earning revenue of $200 per month.

Notably, the mining process will substantially influence the computer’s overall performance.

In this regard, users can run GShare and a game simultaneously, provide that the former is in low setting. However, this is till dependent on the intensiveness of the game, as well as the capability of the hardware. Therefore, gamers who hold performance in high regard should only run GShare when performing less demanding tasks such as browsing or when the computer is completely idle.

In the future, GShare will have a feature that automatically detects GPU and processor usage, and accordingly adjust the settings of the mining application. Also, the app will support other activities such as advanced computations alongside cryptocurrency mining.

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