Because of modern technology, improved tools, and access to funding, there are more games being released than ever before. This has made it increasingly hard for small studios and developers to bring attention to their games.

Discovery of games has become one of the most common problems in an industry estimated to be worth about $161 billion. Because of this issue, the gaming market is ripe for a blockchain disruption solution. Gamestatix aims to bring about this disruption.

What Is Gamestatix?

Gamestatix is a decentralized social media platform that is designed for co-creators of PC games. It recognizes, rewards, and encourages contributions from users. Gaming developers will get to access a global pool of talent that will efficiently generate, promote, and curate content even before a game is released.

Why The Industry Needs Gamestatix

The technology evolution has led to rapid growth and disruption in various sectors. The PC gaming market has changed little in recent years. While there are more games being made, the industry is dominated by just a few companies. These companies have a marketing and production budget that rivals anything in the film industry.

Because of this, charts in digital storefronts have remained stagnant. This has made it quite difficult for small studios to get the attention their games need. Some of this stagnation is because of the games as a service approach they use. This usually expands a game’s lifespan, with constant updates ensuring that players remain hooked to it.

However, there is another issue at play. For years, central storefronts have refused to give developers direct access to users on these platforms. When they do this, they are able to monetize the platform by only featuring proven content they believe will drive sales.

The only solution for indie game makers is to market games on external channels. In doing so, they hope to get enough attention for the storefront to feature them. However, marketing and PR is costly. They simply do not have a big enough budget to compete with the major players.

About Gamestatix Blockchain Co-Creation Gaming Rewards

The result is that most developers are turning to value co-creation. Essentially, a player will discover, download, and play a game. They will then offer feedback and ideas to developers, who implement the ideas. If the ideas are implemented, the players are happy and they promote the game organically.

Players are increasingly moving to games that they learn about from their social circles. This approach lets developers take advantage of the multiplier effect. As the player’s reach increase, the more awareness it will generate among new audiences.

The good thing about this outreach is that it is exponential. However, this co-creation model still has its problems. For instance, even when a developer gets a user base, it is hard to ensure they engage players that offer real value.

Gamestatix GSX Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: GSX
  • Hard Cap: $15.6M
  • Total Supply: 260,000,000 GSX
  • Pre-sale cap: $2.6m
  • Funds Accepted: ETH
  • Token Price: 1 GSX = $0.10
  • Pre-sale for accredited investors: 26,000,000 GSX
  • Minimum Contribution: 10 ETH

Announced Pre-Sale

  • Start: September 23, 2018
  • End: October 20, 2018

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