Gamico Review

The gaming sector is among the rapidly growing sectors of the economy during our time. With the rise of the multi-billion eSport, the industry is already attracting corporation giants who are investing in the eSport gaming teams. However, not everybody can become part of the professional eSports teams. And with video games becoming more than a hobby there are a good number of gamers who would love to spend a lot of time gaming and in return get to earn.

Fortunately, the rise of cryptocurrency enables gamers to obtain a tool to tokenize and monetize your gaming effort into real money. While the technology of gaming coins is still questionable, there is no denying that these innovations could make a full function gaming ecosystem where everyone can join in, play and earn. Here's a venture set to launch the use of blockchain technology to create virtual gaming assets and overcome the typical conservative momentum we often witness with existing industry.


GAMICO is a blockchain-based platform that will allow gaming enthusiasts into earning a living just from what they love doing. The platform will enable gaming fanatics to play, compete and monetize their skill through the use of blockchain technology as they play their favorite game.

Once a user registers on sight, Gamico allows for the player to earn money (Gamico tokens) by conducting several actions within the platform such as

  • Playing tournaments
  • Head to Head matches between individual players
  • Unlocking the gaming achievements
  • Exchange the GMC tokens with other cryptocurrencies

GAMICO Platform Features

  • Tournaments and Battles-players get to compete with one another or other players from around the world. In return, they get to win GMC.
  • Milestones and bounties- GAMICO are set to offer a variety of bonuses for the gaming achievements or milestones accomplished to explore more fun to the users.
  • A gamer rank system-each game results between player’s ranks goes into the official ranking portal which indicates the skill levels for the players
  • Verification platform-to ensure fair play, the autonomous verification system works to match and submit matches results for verification.

How GAMICO Could Benefit The Gaming Stakeholders

  • There is little fraud or tampering due to the high-level security within blockchain
  • The GMC transaction verification activity allows for the accuracy and quality of records
  • The whole GAMICO platform works on smart contracts and distribution, and this ensures a public escrow platform.
  • The use of blockchain allows for a reliable platform which will not face the typical downtime we often witness in e-commerce.
  • GAMICO also allows for live streaming, recording, and storage which the user can utilize to save gaming videos for future referencing or entertainment.

Token And ICO Details

The First ICO sale is set to announce its commencement as from March 15 till May 31, 2018. With their GMC token, GAMICO will require investors to use ETH (ERC20) as a mode of purchasing the tokens. Each 1ETH get you 1200 GMC

The Verdict On GAMICO

With the gaming industry set to explode even further, using blockchain or tokens such as GAMICO could have a potentially significant disruption within the market. Consequently, early investors in such ventures would give them the opportunity to ride on the profitability. However, the most important thing is to identify which is the best gaming token to purchase or participate.


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