GANA COIN Review: Connecting The Cannabis World Under Blockchain And AI

What Is Gana?

Green and Nature Association or GANA is a blockchain-based platform that aims to establish a productive relationship between cannabis users in the industry through Artificial Intelligence. The GANA Technologies hope to optimize AI solutions for individuals and entity within a collective cannabis ecosystem that collects, shares and utilizes data for effective associating. The vision will ultimately aim to use the distributed AI technology to link the cannabis industry players, successfully.

The Gana Platform Structure

GANA Ecosystem:

The GANA ecosystem works to collect data from cannabis retailers, users, researchers and other data sources to provide target-based content provision.

AI infrastructure:

The GANA AI collects the data from the ecosystem and utilizes expert knowledge based on machine learning and Big Data to filter relevant information to provide content to the users through the mobile applications.


The GANA App will feature content themes on socializing, medical and lifestyle from the AI system. Additionally, users can offer insights and potential feedback on content production

How Gana Green And Nature Association Blockchain Works

The GANA Mobile Application is the main point of communication for the whole GANA Platform. The cannabis users provide for quantitative and qualitative data from where the AI fetches the information to provide for credible content and solutions. In essence, the platform provides a basis for connecting the cannabis industry by using the AI technology as an efficient personal assistant.

Possible Advantages Of The Gana Concept

Integrity and Reliability- fusing blockchain and AI provides for a transparent data collecting and usage system without any errors ensuring the authenticity of the information in use.

Transparency- GANA platform participants have full access to the results, procedures, and performance of the AI service, with details of the process and actions also taken available.

Security- to assure on personal anonymity the GANA AI works under the access authorities of the users and at no time will the system collect data without authorization.

Anonymity- all data collected and within the GANA AI will not trace back to the participants with all non-statistical data omitted or converted to build a new dataset based on Big Data.

GANA Token & ICO Details

GANA is the platform's native token and is set for release on the start of May 21 till June 21, 2018, during the first Public Sale. Already the Privates Sale is complete with a 100% success rate. The token distribution will use the following manner:

Token Distribution

  • ICO Sale- 50%
  • Reserve pool- 15%
  • Advisors and partners- 10%
  • Company- 10%
  • Team- 15%

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker- GANA
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Price rate- 1 ETH=20,000 GANA
  • Supply- 2,400,000,000 GANA

Bonus Rate For Public Sale

  • Selling before total ETH amount reaches 15,000: 2,000 (+ 10%)
  • Selling before total ETH amount reaches 30,000: 1,000 (+ 5%)
  • Selling before total ETH amount reaches 45,000: 500 (+ 2.5%)
  • Selling after total ETH amount reaches 45,000: no bonus

Gana Conclusion

The GANA platform is not the first of its kind to offer an ICO for the industry, but it is a first to use AI technology and blockchain within the sector. Consequently, this makes the ICO somewhat unique and it is pretty fair, to sum up, that the venture could do pretty well judging from their already successful private sale. However, the cannabis industry remains a controversial matter facing criminalization and illegalization of cannabis use in most countries.

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