What Is Ganja?

Ganja is an online platform that was created to provide a solution to cannabis business owners who could not use the payments systems of big banks because they deemed the business to be of high risk or bad actors. This forced the business owners to conduct their businesses using cash, which is inefficient and difficult to manage.

How Ganja Works

The cannabis business is anticipated to be a profitable venture as its almost becoming legal in North America therefore the growing need for a secure, transparent, and censor-proof exchange platform for the users and vendors.

Ganja will utilize the decentralized Ethereum blockchain technology in order to create a foundation for distributing the cannabis products whether it is Peer-to-Peer or Business-to-Business. The platform will create blockchain applications that will be a legal choice for businesses involved in the cannabis industry.

Ganja Decentralized Cannabis Market

The platform will provide the first blockchain marketplace for cannabis (, which will connect buyers and sellers. Anyone can sell their products on the marketplace and reach thousands of Ganja customers. Customers can make anonymous purchases in a cryptocurrency that the seller accepts. Both users and vendors will be receiving incentives in form of GNJ tokens for using the tokens in various ways.

The platform will also have a Maps interface that enable users to geolocate the sources for ganja products or services they need. Ganja vendors can use the GNJ tokens to pay for the monthly packages to be listed on the Maps.

Ganja Blockchain Token Benefits

For customers

  • Through blockchain technology that the GNJ token uses, customers can make secure and anonymous payments.
  • By using the tokens, customers can earn loyalty rewards in form of GNJ Tokens, which are tradable for products, or product enhanced on the marketplace.
  • Customers can use the tokens to get discounts on future orders or enhance their user experiences on the apps through customer order prioritization, special order gift eligibility, contest entry participation, lotteries and give ways, boosting listings, score keeping and many more.

For sellers

  • By trading their products or services on the marketplace, sellers will receive traffic on their sites or products; this will eliminate the need for sellers to spend a lot of money on advertisements for their cannabis products.
  • Sellers will also be rewarded with GNJ tokens for participating on the platform.

Ganja GNJ Token And ICO Details will offer the GNJ Utility Tokens that will provide the cannabis industry with blockchain solutions during payments, franchising, production, retail, and wholesale distribution. The token will be a payment method on the platform as well as tradable loyalty token and a way to interact on’s cannabis-specific applications.

The token will provide Dapps that are usable from the point of sale, validating and authenticating products and during rewarding of loyalty points. The tokens can be exchange or transferred on the Ethereum blockchain via smart contracts therefore changing how buyers and sellers interact in the cannabis industry.

Parameters Of The ICO:

  • Token Symbol: GNJ
  • Token Sale Date: Present through 05/11/18
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, XRP, and ZEC
  • Token Standard: ERC20 compatible

Investors can purchase the GNJ tokens during the tokens sale using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), Ripple (XRP), and Zcash (ZEC). The tokens can be stored on a hardware wallet or a website wallet like MYETHERWALLET.COM.

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