Blockchain technology has been recognized as a new generation of powerful technology that has played a major role in the expansion of the crypto market. With this in mind, GAPro has constructed and deployed a blockchain platform through the property, insurance, and lending companies, which pay an overwhelming amount of money only to be offered inefficient verification services.

What Is GAPro?

GAPro focuses on helping businesses in need of proof of certification by making them adopt our propriety verifications as a service. Currently, several systems are inefficient, ineffective, and full of loopholes for human errors. At GAPro, we turn documents, events, and transactions to immutable roofs. The evidence is delivered which helps to achieve banking stipulations, compliance, and many other data verification requirements.

How GAPro Blockchain Verification as a Service System Works

GAPro intends to impact the lending, insurance, and healthcare in three different ways:


GAPro reviews and assesses policy limits, forms that were approved and other procedures all along the lifecycle of policies that correspond to third-party requirements. GAPro comprises of diverse participants, activities, and the flow of work. This helps in that dashboards show all current activities when reporting other changes, updates. All this is delivered without an increase in cost or labor.


The platform outlines the inefficiency of the proof of insurance process. With the ever-expanding blockchain technology, the antiquate and old versioned way of doing things will be obsolete soon. All the four dimensions of insurance information ecosystem will be equipped with self-serve when users join the direct data policy and the GAPro cloud platform.

In case of any Proof of insurance, GAPro will automatically be alerting and notifying all the involved parties. Their automated and digitized notification system comprises continuously monitored workflows that are cataloged as alternative and reliable reports. Also, there is a workflow standard, based on insurance, wasteful tasks, and speculative assumptions which are becoming useless due to the cloud system by GAPro.

Information disseminated by GAPro will be the correct information to avoid duplication of data and misuse of time and money. Policyholders and other third parties are encouraged to access the self-service for Compliance Verification needs directly.

Industry Compliance

Compliance has become costly ad imperative within several stakeholders. With GAPro, Vaas makes life simple, free of stress, and efficient. Agents and brokers use a cloud-based system to access GAPro. The costs incurred when using agents and brokers is however cut down since coverage is verified through the automated compliance system and the dashboards.

Vaas allows GAPro to update a person identification based on how they interact and affiliate with the company. Vaas is viewed as a tool that will help curb the number of cybercrimes and theft. The tool also allows insurance transactions to be open and in real time. This helps in reducing the risk of loss in business.

GAPro GPG Token & ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token : GPC
  • Price : 1 GP = 0.5 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTL
  • ICO: 15.08.2018 – 15.09.2018
  • County: USA
  • Token supply: 100,000,000

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