Thankfully, the internet can be a pretty cool place. Cryptocurrency for example, has altered the way we operate with currency. It’s changed the entire concept of digital value from a standpoint not entirely understood by most people. The concept of cryptocurrency has gone further than most people ever projected, it’s still only the beginning. People can now transfer money around the world in a fraction of time that they could in the past, cryptocurrencies are a modern-day miracle.

With all the coins on the market, it can be hard to keep up with the newly released coins. And sometimes, the novelty ideas are the coins we don’t want to miss. That is where Garlicoin comes in, what started as a jokingly funny Reddit post, has turned into an internet/cryptocurrency phenomenon.

What is Garlicoin?

Garlicoin or GRLC is a new cryptocurrency that resulted from a funny Reddit post that ended up getting more than thirty thousand upvotes. The joke was: “If this post gets 30,000 upvotes – I will make a garlic bread cryptocurrency called Garlicoin.”

The post generated a lot more than 30,000 upvotes. In all actuality, it generated closer to 46,000 of them. After that, the OP started to work the new cryptocurrency, with a theme focused primarily around garlic and garlic bread. Garlicoin is a fork off of the Litecoin project.

And like Litecoin, it moves forward with the efforts of a lot of individuals in the cryptocurrency community. The basis is to build coins that are resistant to ASIC miners. All in all, the coin and community around it, don’t take it too seriously – according to one of the FAQ pages. The FAQ answered states:

“This is the coin you never thought you needed, and you probably don’t.”

All joking aside though, Garlicoin has a team that is very serious about the creation of a token that cannot be mined with any specific type of mining hardware. It’s a concept that many people can appreciate in the cryptocurrency world. ASICS are Ok and all, but it’s a good change to see a token that is truly putting forth the effort to keep itself decentralized.

Whether or not NVIDiA or AMD shares will be worth more in value because of Garlicoin is yet to be seen, but it’s highly unlikely.

How Does Garlicoin Work?

The team is creating a coin that is seeking to be completely decentralized in nature. They recently did an airdrop that seeded the community of users who cannot mine. The subreddit for the coin is extremely active as well. There are over 137,000 subscribers on it, more than most of the other meme based currencies like Dodgecoin which only has about 107,000 subscribers.

There are new users continually pouring into the subreddit every day, many of whom are seeking to learn about the currency. Many of them are also simply looking to post comments and memes as well. A majority of the posts are about how hot computers get and GPUs as well when cryptocurrency mining takes place, or they are about the recent airdop event.

The coin is said to be blazing fast, faster than most others without any slow transaction speeds. They’re also completely open sourced, you can see them on Github at any time. And, they are completely decentralized, looking to keep it that way.

Who is Behind Garlicoin?

Not entirely sure here, it seems to be a bunch of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and miners who frequent Reddit. At any rate, they seem to be having fun and are not taking themselves to serious. It seems like a great coin for people to get involved in from the beginning, especially if they want to have fun and are new to the cryptocurrency world. There are not a lot of coins out there like Garlicoin.

Garlicoin Conclusion

As joking as they are, with everything considered – the altcoin has a fairly comprehensive following and background. It’s worth the laugh at the very least, just like Dogecoin. And it’s nice to see them not taking themselves too seriously, something all too uncommon in the cryptocurrency world. Maybe it will be something regular people can start mining, just for the sake of doing it because their computers can handle it.

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