Currently, a substantial number of industries are integrating blockchain technology into their operations. Noticeably, it was not until late last year that the venture capitalist’ industry jumped onto this bandwagon. A group of experts from the sector came together and consequently formed Garnet Coin, a world’s first cryptocurrency from the ventures market. The core objective of the project is to fund the growth of is parent industry through the conduction of a crowdsale.

Ultimately, the project intends to maximize the ROI of its partners and assist start-ups in the blockchain industry to become household names.

Pillars Of Garnet Coin

The garnet coin project will look to solve the following:

High Capital Requirements –

Typically, venture funds require investors to have at least $500,000 before pitching their business ideas to prospective financiers. In the Garnet Coin project, all investors, regardless of how small deposits they have will be eligible to funding opportunities.

Scammers And Ponzi’s –

Everyday, thousands of start-ups delve into the blockchain. While a considerable percentage are legit, there are some malicious projects embedded in-between. Normally, it takes an expert eye to separate the wheat from the chaff, a task which Garnet Coin handles perfectly. The company identifies the most promising projects and nurtures them to greatness.

Delayed Profits –

Investors often have to wait for project to ‘mature’ before they can enjoy its returns. Garnet coins eliminates the anxiety and long wait, as users can sell their share any time they wish. Furthermore, profits are guaranteed, since the investments are under the hands of experienced venture capitalists.

Garnet Blockchain Venture Fund Startup Cryptocurrency Objectives

The projected number of startups that will benefit from this project’s funding is between 15 and 30. Within two years, Garnet Coin will have multiplied their value and sold them at a profit. The proceeds from the sales will be divided among investors as profit, with a certain amount being invested in real estate projects.

How Garnet Plans To Meet Its Objectives

Having being in the venture market for years, the company is acquainted with the most prevalent issues that face startups. Blockchain offers a whole new challenge, but Garnet Coin will be equal to the task. They intend to find a solution through:

  • Project selection – after the completion of the crowdsale, the experts will mbar on the careful process of choosing promising startups.
  • Projects growth – the chosen startups will undergo nurturing and transformation into reputable institutions.
  • Shares selling- when the startup comes of age, shares are sold for profit gains.

Garnet GNC ICO Details

The Garnet Coin crowdsale intends to collect an amount nit less than $30 million and not more than $50 million. The ICO, which ran for 90 days, ended on 25th January 2018. Anyone except residents of the UK are eligible for the crowdfunding event.

Advantages Of Garnet Coin

  • The project’s executive team consist of industry veterans who boast of over a decade of experience in venture markets.
  • The projected annual income is irresistible at 329%.
  • Thanks to their high liquidity, the coins can be sold at any time.
  • The platform complies to the regulations set by SEC and MAS.

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