Gas Files Ico

Gas Files wants to solve the issue of digital file storage. To do this, it will utilize the Ethereum blockchain technology and IPFS. With this technology, anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to store files of an unlimited size and number without having to worry about their security.

How Gas Files Will Work

This platform is going to be very easy to use. A user will simply need to sign up using a secure identifier backed by 2-factor authorization. With that, the user will have access to Gas Files. After that, users can select files of any size and as many as they wish and upload them.

The files will not be stored on Gas Files. Instead, they are converted into code and stored on the blockchain. The blockchain is private, and no one else will be able to access the files. When the settings are set to private, they will not even be able to see the files.

After uploading files, they can be shared at any time. You simply select the files you want to share and send them to people you choose. It will be instant and work in the same way as crypto transactions. When you send files, other users will be able to access them in as much the same way as you can.

Downloading the files is quite easy. It works in much the same way as uploading them. You select the file or files and choose where to save them. The files will then be converted and saved to your destination.

Why Use Gas Files

With Gas Files, you will get access to better security, scalability, and resilience. With scalability, users will be able to upload files of any size and any mount. Security will be achieved using the decentralized system. That means there will be no central point from which hackers can gain access to files from users.

For the resilience, users will be able to communicate better with each other when they go offline. This will ensure that they still have access to the data they upload.

The Problem Gas Files Will Solve

Online file storage is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world today. However, this file storage system has many flaws in its current form. The result is that it is usually quite expensive, especially for small companies.

Besides that, there are numerous security concerns. For instance, a content creator who creates over 200 GB of data daily cannot store that data securely on current cloud storage solutions. That is why Gas Files is important.

Gas Files ICO Token Sale Details

The Gas Files ICO token sale will be used to fund the development of the platform. The sale will commence on February 9, 2018, and end on March 9, 2018. It also has a hard cap of 10000 ETH. There will be 100 million tokens produced, and each GAS token will be sold at 0.0008 ETH. There will also be bonuses set on a sliding scale depending on the date of purchase.

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  1. They appear to be scammers that went the same way as Loopx. They disappeared after the ICO, website, facebook, telegram group, even the CEO’s (James VI) alleged telegram account all gone or off line.


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