What Is Gastery?

Gastery is a foodtech startup that seeks to improve the quality and speed of service delivery in HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering) institutions, and increase the income of the facilities. The project’s objective is to automate the interaction that restaurants have with their visitors. The basis of Gastery is blockchain technology, smart contracts, and QR codes. The platform seeks to solve the major problems in the restaurant industry and provide a platform for restaurants and their customers.

Customers can use the mobile application to find a restaurant where they can have meal. Using the digital menu, they choose the best meal and then find information and reviews regarding it. They can then make an order using their smartphone and pay for it with cryptocurrency of fiat money. Users will get 1% cash back from the total amount they have paid for their orders using cryptocurrency.

How Gastery Hotels, Restaurants & Catering Blockchain Works

The platform will also be beneficial to restaurants, as they can use it to analyze the behaviors and preferences in order to target advertising companies towards potential customers. Through the Gastery app, restaurants will not have to serve all customers personally, as the app could do it and in doing so save time and consequently save money.

With the help of the AI recommended system for customers on the platform, restaurants could increase their income, as the restaurant will offer the customer exactly what they wanted. In addition, with the decreased service time, more customers would be served.

A loyalty system will be implemented within the application where users will get points when they make purchases on the application or when they leave reviews. Restaurants can set their own loyalty system, which will operate together with general system.

Gastery Benefits


The platform guarantees that in two years, all investors will be able to get their money back and for the long-term investors they will be able to multiply their invested funds.


Users will earn WTR tokens and bonus for signing up on the platform, inviting friends, and leaving reviews for services offered.


Investors can sell the tokens to users of the platform on the local exchange once the application is launched. They can also trade the tokens in open exchanges.

Gastery WTR Token ICO Details

Gastery will issue its ERC 20 compliant tokens the WTR tokens on an Ethereum blockchain platform. Investors can purchase the tokens during the initial coin offering. Once an investor purchases the tokens, they will be transferred to their user wallet. Funds collected during the ICO will be used for marketing, research, and global expansion of the project.

The tokens will be the main way in which users could participate in the ecosystem or pay for orders and earn loyalty points. The tokens can be turned into cash back that is paid to users for performing certain tasks or actions within the application. When a token holder uses their tokens, they will be listed on the local exchange where Gastery or other users can be able to purchase them.

If an order is paid using the WTR tokens, the restaurant is paid using fiat money. Customer can also convert the tokens into fiat currency in order to pay for their orders.

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