Gawooni ICO (GWON Token)

Gawooni describes itself as a “games ecosphere” that uses digital tokens. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Gawooni?

Gawooni, found online at, is developing a multi-featured gaming ecosystem dedicated to serving B2C and B2B clients. The company describes its platform as a “games ecosphere”.

The platform will use digital tokens. A pre-sale for Gawooni’s tokens began in March 2018.

Overall, Gawooni sees itself as “the next big thing in gaming.” It will disrupt the industry by publishing games that are fun to play. Gawooni has already partnered with the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park. That’s because the company has created games advertising the natural beauty and animals of Thailand. The company’s logo also prominently features an elephant.

Gawooni is an existing game developer that can be found online at That company just recently released its ICO website at Gawooni has five total games in its portfolio, including two games (Tuk Tuk Rush and Jungle Rush) released in early 2018.

Although Gawooni appears to have a strong connection to Thailand, the company is registered in Birmingham, UK and run by German entrepreneurs.

How Does Gawooni Work?

Gawooni plans to launch its own gaming platform in 2018. Right now, the company is a straightforward games developer that makes mobile and desktop games.

By launching their own gaming platform, Gawooni wants to bring game developers, publishers, users, and advertisers into one place. The platform will revolve around Gawooni’s own utility tokens called “GWON”.

Far from an ordinary gaming ecosystem, however, Gawooni sees itself as a benevolent platform. The goal isn’t to just make money: Gawooni wants to “make the world more peaceful by gaming.”

Gawooni will initially target the Asia-Pacific market as well as Southeast Asia, India, and South America. As mentioned above, the platform appears to have a particularly strong connection to Thailand.

So far, Gawooni has already developed two games that are ready to be published, including Tuk Tuk Rush. Tuk Tuk Rush will be published in close cooperation with the Tourism Authority of Thailand because the game will feature Thailand in an interactive way.

Gawooni’s second game is called Jungle Rush. That game will teach gamers about endangered animals in a fun and interactive way.

Other key components of the Gawooni ecosystem will include an online gaming and social networking community portal, a mobile app store, a download portal, a reward system, an advertising portal, a games publishing system, and more.

How Do Gawooni Tokens Work?

All games in the Gawooni ecosystem will use two digital tokens, including:

  • Gawooni utility token (GWON)
  • Gawooni coin

Gawooni coins are an in-game currency that can be used in all games.

GWON, meanwhile, is a universal payment instrument in the gaming ecosystem. All development and advertisement services can be paid in GWON, while gamers can earn Gawooni coins for completing various in-game activities.

The idea is that you can use one currency across all games. Gawooni tokens can be converted into Gawooni coins and vice versa. “This offers gamers complete new possibilities especially considering the reward system behind the games ecosphere,” explains the official website.

The Gawooni Token Sale

The whitepaper and official website do not list dates for the Gawooni token sale. The token pre-sale, however, appears to have begun early in March 2018. That pre-sale is only open to private, registered investors.

We assume the main token sale is taking place shortly after – say, in April 2018.

There’s a total supply of 40 million Gawooni tokens (GWON). Of that total supply, 22 million GWON will be posted for sale (55% of the total supply). The remaining tokens will be dedicated to a reserve fund for game developers, publishers, and gamer rewards (19%), management and the team (13%), legal and advisory purposes (10%), and bounties (3%).

There’s a minimum cap of 1 million tokens to be sold during the ICO.

Tokens will be set at a price of $0.001 ETH apiece (about $1 USD). Gawooni is not accepting fiat currencies during the token sale: they’re only accepting BTC and ETH.

Features of Gawooni

Gawooni lists all of the following features for investors:

  • Two ready-to-publish smartphone games, including Tuk Tuk Rush and Jungle Rush
  • Five total games under development “with high user interest”
  • Third party cooperation agreements with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality solutions
  • Gaming platform that provides users with opportunities, advantages, bonuses, discounts, and more
  • “A huge amount of following gamers [and] the company’s and teams [sic] long experience”
  • A utility token called GWON that offers multiple payment solutions
  • Existing partnerships with the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park

As you can see, these features are mostly designed to convince investors of the viability of Gawooni as an investment opportunity.

Who’s Behind Gawooni?

Gawooni was founded in late 2014. By 2015, they had begun developing their first game, Tuk Tuk Rush, for mobile and PC. That game was released in Q1 2018. By Q2 2018, Gawooni started developing Jungle Rush for mobile and PC while also creating the Gawooni games ecosphere.

Before the end of the year, Gawooni seeks to launch three more games, including Naval Rush (mobile and PC), Crossy Rush (mobile and PC), and World Street Domination (mobile and PC).

Listed members of the team include Frank Holz (Director and Board Member), Michael H. Beekmann (Director and Board Member), and Martin Szymanski (Head of Publishing). Gawooni is focused on Southeast Asian markets, although the company frequently references its “German-British roots”. The company is officially registered in Birmingham, UK as Gawooni PLC.

Gawooni ICO (GWON Token) Conclusion

Gawooni is a mobile and PC game developer seeking to create an entire gaming ecosystem. The company is initially focusing on the Asia-Pacific market – especially Thailand. However, the company is run by German entrepreneurs and registered in the UK.

Gawooni will have two types of tokens, including Gawooni tokens (GWON) and Gawooni coins. GWON will be sold during the ICO and used as payments in the Gawooni ecosystem. Gawooni coins, meanwhile, will be awarded to gamers for various in-game activities.

To learn more about Gawooni and how it works, visit online today at

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